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  Hints and Tips for: For Honor 
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 For Honor Cheats

For Honor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy steel:
Complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorial to get 3,500 steel. This will allow you to 
unlock 7 of the 9 classes at the beginning of the game. You can also buy fewer classes
and spend some steel on unlocking "Champion Status" time, which allows to gain bonus 
XP and other rewards for a limited time. If you are planning on only playing as a 
single faction, you can simply purchase all three locked classes for the Knights, 
Samurai, or Vikings.

Stances and Blocking:
Each hero has three stances they can attack from: Up, Left and Right. Likewise, 
there are three block options: Up, Left and Right. In order to successfully 
block an attack, you need to use the Right Analog Stick to switch to the same
stance the opponent is attacking from. 

If you try to block Up while your opponent is attacking from Right, you will 
get hit. 

If youíre attacking and want to throw off your opponent, stay in one stance, 
then just before you attack immediately switch to a different stance. While 
an opponent with good reflexes will still be able to block your attack, it 
makes it much harder to keep up with your offense. 

The more you make your opponent work, the better off youíll be.

Gang up on Opponents:
Itís always much easier to take down an opponent when you have an ally helping 
you. If you see someone on your team in a duel, run over and help them out if 
you can. Both of you will have an easier time overcoming enemies when their 
attention is split.

Double teaming on an enemy online will cause them to have trouble guessing 
where to block or parry when multiple attacks are hitting them from multiple 
angles. The same works for when you are facing two enemies, you will have a 
much harder time defending against multiple attacks from multiple enemies.?

Tips for For Honor:
* Combat in For Honor might seem fast-paced at first, but to be truly successful
  you need to take a measured approach to each engagement.
* When at all possible, stay near your allied heroes. Not only can your allies 
  revive you, but a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 fight also gives you an overwhelming advantage
  against enemy heroes.
* For Honor is a game of poise and riposte. When facing an enemy hero, you'll  
  want to size them up instead of charging headlong. Fighting in this game is 
  as much a psychological contest as one of reflexes and by staying calm and 
  out of reach of your opponent you can force them into deadly mistakes.
* When you've taken a lot of damage, retreat is a valid option. You can't always 
  depend on allies to revive you, and it can cost valuable time to return to the 
  battlefield from the spawn point.
* You can fall off of high places in For Honor, and it will kill you. Don't 
  let the enemy back you up against a tough place.
* It's very easy to die a "death by one thousand cuts" in For Honor. Though the 
  enemy's AI soldiers are weak compared to your hero, they have the ability to 
  kill you if you are injured or facing them en masse.
* Know when to use zone attacks. You'll sometimes be caught in a spot with swarms 
  of soldiers and opposing heroes. Zone attacks, which you can perform by pressing
  the light and heavy attack buttons at the same time, allow you to take control 
  of the chaos. Just watch your stamina.

How To Guard Break in For Honor:
The Guard Break is the ability that lets you break the guard of enemy to push 
forward to attack the enemy. To perform the guard break, you need to press the X
button on Xbox One and Square button in PlayStation 4 which will make you to kick
or shove the enemy to make them loose the block so that you can charge forward 
to attack on them. While performing guard break, Keep in note that you are not 
being attacked by the enemy with any weapon. The same button is used to perform
the throwing the enemy so you need to choose carefully according to the position
of the target.

How To Use Quick Chat Feature in For Honor:
When you are playing as a team which is of four Vs four match, it is important 
to communicate with your team to make strategies to defeat the enemy. In order 
to use the Quick Chat, you need to L1 button or LB button to bring up the quick
chat menu and press any of the four face buttons to communicate with your team.
The Quick Chat includes options like thank you, sorry and requesting for revival 
etc. When you are on the battle field playing as a team, check the radar on the 
bottom right of the screen. So that you can track the position of the enemies 
and your team members to make strategies accordingly and attack the enemy to 
defeat with the team work.

How To Get Rare Items:
Initially, you will receive a low level gear in blue color and as you level up, 
you will receive a purple color legendary gear and later on, even a mythic gear.
So, how to get these items quickly? Once you reach level 20, reset your reputation 
points in accordance with your gear preference. Do note that this will erase all 
your Feats earned. Also remember that not all characters possess the ability to 
reset reputation points so select your character with that ability.

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