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  Hints and Tips for: For The King 
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 For The King Cheats

For The King

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Adventure Guide:
Written by Magic Samy

This is an in depth guide to complete For The King (the gamemode), 
hope you find it useful :)

-=Building Your Team=-
This could be the most important decision you make throughout your gameplay, 
so I decided to divide them into the subclasses to help you make a smart 




Your average team should consist of a character per class although if you 
think something different works for you go for it! I would suggest using 
either the first or last spot for the tank and follow him by the dps and 
then the support. I usually position them this way to minimize the damage 
the party takes since the tank is supposed to take damage and the dps usually 
has more HP than the support.

Take your time with each objective, you really donít want to rush them unless 
you have to because the game has a 90% inflation rate in the easiest difficulty 
and 100% in anything harder than that, so after completing an objective things
 will become twice as expensive.

Also, avoid Leprechauns, you will have to fight them most of the time if you 
find the pot of gold and they will rob you and flee, it's just not worth 

-=1st Objective: The Glittering Minesv
When you start the game you will spawn in the city of Oarton, the things in 
the store are pretty crappy usually but you will be able to take some 
quests from it, which I recommend starting right away. 

I usually check for the item quest first since Iíve gotten good items from 
this quest but if itís a breakable weapon or something you donít need just 
go for the gold, chaos shouldnít be a problem as you get rid of it when you 
beat the mines and we will get to XP later. (Note that usually the quest 
with the most gold has a harder enemy if itís a bounty mission but itís 
still worth going for it).

You want to have your whole party at level 2 before entering the cave, 
try fighting as many monsters as you can before going in, finishing your 
town quests and buying a lot of Godsbeard for your support with that money, 
you wonít need it too much in the cave but later in the game you will.

The Glittering Mines shouldnít be too hard to complete, itís a 2 floor, 
11 room dungeon, target jellies, hags and banshees, as their effects will 
persist after the battle ends. Use your Tinder Pouch after you reach the 
end of floor one.

The boss fight will be a Chaos Priestess and two Bone Soldiers, I would 
recommend targeting the Bone Soldiers with magic or armour piercing first 
to get them out of the way and then fight the Chaos Priestess. 
Then disable the chaos generator and youíre done.

Do money quests for Godsbeard.
Get level 2.
Enter the Glittering Mines.

-=2nd Objective: Key Fragments=-
Your party should be about level 3-4 when you go to Praid, the good thing 
about Praid is that it has a decent market, so donít be afraid to spend your 
money on it (donít forget to buy Godsbeard, at this point youíll need them). 
Go visit the Night Market during the night to get better things. You might
 also want to upgrade your Old Pipes to Elm Pipes, if you canít afford all 
of them at least get the support one, this will increase the healing from 
15 ? 30.

Try to reach level 5 (donít go for the XP quests though), you want to be 
level 6 and deal +15 damage with your characters before progressing in the 
game. Get all the sanctums, stone, silver or gold (if you have them) statues 
you can find and do all the lucky wells you find. Also, try buying a boat 
before the prices are ridiculously high.

At this point you want to go to the Forgotten Cellar and fight the Acid 
Jelly, for this fight I suggest one of three things: 

If you have a lot of Panax (~4) go in and fight him with your normal equipment,
I wouldnít recommend this method though.
Go in with nothing but maybe 2 Godsbeards (Probably wouldnít do this one either).
Take armour that you know you wonít use more and donít mind losing
 (my favourite by far).

I would suggest fighting it with the tank.

Then go for the Mind Lord, he really isnít too hard to kill, he is surrounded 
by two Undead Knights, he might confuse one your characters (except the scholar 
if you have him) and this will cause them to do a random action, I would 
suggest killing the Undead Knights first with armour piercing skills and then 
killing the Mind Lord, if one of your characters flees and you havenít killed 
at least one of them I would retreat and try again later, a 2v3 is not ideal.

Go for Statues and Sanctums.
Upgrade your Old Pipes to at least Elm Pipes.
Visit the Night Market.
Buy a Ship.
Kill the Acid Jelly.
Kill the Mind Lord.

-=3rd Objective: Sail Away!=-
By now you should be level 6, own a ship, and hopefully, an item with "Heal 
PartyĒ if you selected someone other than the Herbalist as your support.

This is the part of the game where you start going into Sea Caves, this is 
a really productive way to level up since time wonít pass as fast and you 
can get good items from drops and Precious Pearls (which are really useful 
in the final fight), I would suggest doing from 4-5 of this caves, when 
youíre done you should be around level 7-9.

Now you also want to fight Scourges (they drop fantastic objects), the most 
useful are The Coal Heart, The Disciple and The Hangman, the two last are 
the most important, the Hangmanís Hood is super effective against The Undead 
Bisontaur and The Lich, and the Disciple Hood is very useful against the 
final boss.

Get a lot of Precious Pearls.
Upgrade your loot with the Sea Caves.
Kill The Hangman.
Kill The Disciple.

-=4th Objective: Back to the Dungeon!=-
Now that your party is this strong you can go in the Lichís Crypt and finish 
it with no problem. The Lichís Crypt is a 2 floor, 5 room dungeon, the dungeonís 
boss is wellÖ The Lich, he has two Bone Warriors with him, you might want to 
kill the warriors first and then the Lich, at this point it should be a piece 
of cake. After you kill them you should receive the last Key Fragment and a 
sick crown that you can put on your intelligence based character (if you have 

Now go to The Kingís Maze (I highly suggest getting The Hangmanís Hood first!), 
this is an 11 room dungeon, that has The Undead Bisontaur as itís boss, he 
will be with a Fire Priestess and an Ice Priestess, this fight can be really 
annoying since all of them have high HP and have high damage, I would kill 
the both the Priestesses first (starting with the fire one) and then kill 
the Undead Bisontaur. Take an item with "Heal PartyĒ, you will take some 
damage here, and something with bleed or some sort of debuff to kill the 

After this fight you might want to go to the nearest town, heal up, upgrade 
your pipes and buy as much overpriced Godsbeards as you can.

Complete The Lichís Crypt.
Complete The Kingís Maze.
Upgrade your pipes.
Buy Godsbeard.

-=5th Objective: Demon Caves
Hopefully youíre level 10 right now. You want to make your way to Hasta and
 buy a Gladius (this is important) and something that has a freeze chance, 
I recommend an Ice Sword, a Glacier Tome, or a Frost Lute. Then, go to the 
Demon Cave, theyíre pretty hard since they have high level enemies but since 
youíre about to finish the game donít worry about using your Tinder Pouches 
and Godsbeards.

In the cave you will most likely find a couple of Acid Jellies, if they hit 
you and you donít happen to have Panax use one of the Precious Pearls, also, 
thereís one archer in the cave that will give you a Death Mark on his first 
attack, kill him as fast as you can, to be honest I donít know if thereís a 
way to get it removed, you could try using cure if you have a healing lute 
or using an item that makes you immune to Death Mark like The Hangmanís Hood. 
For all I know thereís no other way to get rid of it... 

For the fight with the Ember Demon use the ice items I listed above, they 
wonít have any additional debuffs for him but since he attacks with melee 
attacks and is alone you get to finish the fight faster, which is always nice. 
You will have to fight two of them so you can get the airship to be able to 
fight the final boss.

Get a Gladius.
Get some ice weapons.
Target the Acid Jellies and Death Mark guy.
Kill the Ember Demons.

-=6th Objective: The Tower=-
Complete the level 9 buried temple, it will give you some items that offer 
immunity to the debuffs that you will receive on each floor of the final 
dungeon. Itís not too hard and they help a lot.

Now head to the final tower (you might want to keep at least 3-5 Godsbeards 
and 2 Precious Pearls).

Your first fight will be against a Harazuel High Guard, a Chaos Protector 
and a Chaos Warrior. In the second floor you will fight against an Ice 
Revenant and two Ice Warriors, for this fight you might want to have a mage 
or a piercing attack since the Ice Revenant will buff their armour and make 
them really tough if you donít have either. The third floor is a fight 
against the Fire Revenant and two Fire Archers, in this fight the Fire 
Revenant will buff their evasion which is why I would recommend taking 
weapons with high damage for when you manage to hit them. Your fourth fight 
will be against a Lightning Revenant and two Lightning Imps, this is a tough 
fight if you donít have The Discipleís Hood, the Revenant will shock you and 
this will cause you to not be able to hit the Lightning Imps, so I suggest 
killing him first if you didnít get the Discipleís Hood, if you own it then 
go for the Lightning Imps first, in this fight you want to use your tank as 
much as possible since the Lightning Revenant will also buff their magic 
armour making them really hard to hit if you have a mostly magic team.

Now you will reach a floor where you will receive items that bring your 
party to full HP and focus, then you will fight the Vexor and two Chaos 
Hounds, kill the hounds first since they have a lot of damage, this is 
where the Gladius comes in extra handy since it has an ability that pierces 
armour and Vexor will buff his armour and resistance a LOT, weíre talking 
40+, so you really want to have this weapon, if he drains your focus use 
the Precious Pearls and try to get bleed on Vexor, heís not immune to that 
debuff like the wolves are. The fight shouldnít really be that hard after 
you kill the Chaos Hounds. Good Luck! :)

Get the Gladius.
Complete The Buried Temple.
Kill the henchmen first in the tower.

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