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  Hints and Tips for: Forged Battalion 
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 Forged Battalion Cheats

Forged Battalion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* A lot of units can fire while moving, do make use of it, also if you’re 
  always on the move your units are basically immune to superweapons.

* If you have a lot of units into what’s commonly known as a blob, 
  maneuvring the units who are behind around the flanks can allow you to 
  dish much more damage, as the units stuck behind the blob wouldn’t fire 

* Proton bombers (Air units, not arty) are insanely strong against 
  buildings and can do ravages to a base very quickly, you can then 
  withdraw them easily to safety. They are absolutely great to hit 
  refineries and such in hit and run raids. Downside is they are a 
  rather late game choice.

* Fire your superweapons at blobs of units you can easily target ie: that 
  are stuck or just laying there. Superweapons in this game are only good 
  at killing units and generally don’t do much against buildings (except 
  turrets). Also, DoT superweapons (fuel air bomb, toxic cloud thingie, 
  etc) are not really worth it right now, as you can just move your units 
  away if you get hit by it and take minimal damage. A nuke catching you 
  off guard will instantly kill 10-15 units.

* Don’t forget you can group your units (CTRL+1, CTRL+2, etc…) and then 
  select them on the fly using the corresponding key without Ctrl.

* Resources are very limited in official maps, so a great way to dominate 
  longer games is to dominate economically, if you have more outposts with
  resources, your opponent will run out of resources before you do.

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