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  Hints and Tips for: Forge Quest 
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 Forge Quest Cheats

Forge Quest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Progress:
Written by GuessWho

This walks you through what you need to do to enter each dungeon.

How to Progress the Story after Completing Each Dungeon

-=Earth Dungeon=-
When you enter the game, feel free to explore the town and discover the 
different shops, everything you need can be bought/sold here in the town.

After you have explored and found the various shops, head to the licence bureau 
and speak with the owl (you will have to return here after the completion of 
every dungeon.). After speaking with the owl, walk to the northern most part of 
the town and you will find Terry again, speak with him and proceed into the 
forest. Explore and you will find the entrance to the Earth dungeon, speak 
with Terry, you must defeat him in a 1v1 match to gain access to the dungeon.

-=Ice Dungeon=-
After defeating Earth boss return to the town. To enter the ice dungeon first 
you need to go to the pet store in the town and speak to the clerk, ask her 
about the ice wall and she will give you a pet dragon, (doing this wont replace 
a levelled up dragon you may already own, its strictly to progress the game 
and open the entrance) then go to the licence bureau and speak to terry who is 
standing beside a water cooler, as well as speak the the owl behind the counter.

You may now travel to the the forest again and enter the black screen above the 
well that you used to enter the earth dungeon, this takes you to the mountain. 
Run around until you find the entrance to the ice dungeon and speak with terry 
standing in front and to the left. After you have spoken to him, walk up and 
click the entrance of the ice dungeon, this should activate your dragon who 
will begin melting the ice allowing you to enter.

-=Primal Dungeon=-
After you complete the ice dungeon, return to the town, go and speak to the 
owl at the licence bureau, after the conversation return to the mountain and 
there will be a new character guarding the entrance to the swamp speak with 
him, then enter the area he is guarding called "mysterious forest, go to the 
middle speak with him again, return to the mountain and then re enter, and it 
will now take you to the swamp. Once you get to the entrance to the dungeon, 
defeat the giant spider, and after that click the entrance and the mouth will 
open allowing you inside.

These dungeons require you to find switches hidden throughout the levels in 
order to remove a barricade guarding the exit. (I believe there is 3), but you 
will hear a happy sounding whimsical charm play to let you know the exit has 
been unlocked

-=Fire Dungeon=-
After completing primal dungeon, return to the town and speak with the owl in 
the licence bureau again, then return to the swamp, above the entrance to the 
primal dungeon you will see lazarath guarding a wooden fence with a black 
background, speak to him, and enter the mysterious forest again and speak 
with him again. Return to town and teleport back to swamp and the barricade 
and lazarath will be gone, you can now enter the desert and find the entrance 
to the fire dungeon.

But first you need to speak to a couple of characters hidden inside desert, so 
explore to find them and speak to them. In order to unlock the entrance you 
must speak to kobo who guards the entrance to the fire dungeon, he will ask 
you to find the break room and buy him a cola. Explore the map a little to 
find the mini dungeon, enter it and explore until you find a vending machine, 
and buy some cola for colo, then teleport back to desert and speak to kobo. 
The gate will drop and you can enter the final dungeon.

after beating the dragon, teleport to town, speak with the owl again, then 
head outside and lazarath is standing on the left corner of the licence bureau, 
talk with him, and begin the final battle

Note: If at any point you get stuck, and can't progress, it could be a game 
bug, don't panic. Return to the main menu, select your character and select 
"Rebuild world". This should fix any issue's and allow you to resume.

Also. After beating the final boss, when you go to select your character, 
hit "New world" and you can now play your leveled up character on the next 

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