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  Hints and Tips for: Fortnite 
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 Fortnite Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy nuts n' bolts:
Nuts n' bolts are a common resource. You typically find them when breaking 
open metallic objects. There are lots of metal objects you can break for 
nuts n' bolts, like cars, refrigerators, arcade machines, playground equipment,
small metal cans (always on the far edges of the map). All of these metal 
objects will normally give you nuts n' bolts. The metal cans will always drop
nuts n' bolts, but there is only a high chance with the rest. Metallic objects
are also limited. To get nuts n' bolts more quickly and easily, unlock Map 2: 
Plankerton. Get the "Repair The Shelter" quest. Uncover areas of the map to 
reveal yellow dots. The yellow dots are cache locations. Loot them to get 75+
nuts n' bolts per cache. The more area you uncover on the map, the more caches
you can collect for easy nuts n' bolts.

Cut down anything blocking your line of sight 
Sometimes the procedurally generated levels will procedurally generate junk 
that blocks your view of the incoming hordes. Before starting the assault 
stage, clear your sightlines, taking down trees, boulders, and whatever else
is blocking your vision. Most husks spawn far away and pistols are extremely 
accurate, making it easy to pick off enemies before they even get close. At
the very least, itís helpful to chip away at their health and let traps 
finish them off if youíre too busy trying to figure out how to make a staircase.

Loot Everywhere
As important as resources are, the best way to get ahead is to find rare items.
These are found by scavenging the environment, especially when you get lucky 
and find a special container. Inside can be a variety of useful items, including 
weapons. Always be on the lookout for these.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* You will need to scavenge the map in-order to keep your bag full with Wood, 
  Stone, and Metal. As these are going to be very handy for you in the future 
  to build walls, floors, and stairs.
* The max you can keep in your bag-pack is 999 for each Wood, Stone, and Metal.
* Keep hitting the huge rocks to collect the Bricks and rocks. Also target huge
  trees to collect wood and other wooden items.
* To collect metal in the suburbs break the cars and other metal things that 
  are available, right from the grill to trash bin.
* While near the small bushes and trees you can long press E and examine the 
  object to collect stuff like rope, flowers, food and sometimes even Bullets.
* While if you are playing in the forest map then hunt for metal is bit tough,
  here you will have to find some cave in-order to collect metal, and who 
  knows you might even get some other collectibles also.

Exploring Tips and Tricks:
* Exploring new places in the map can be very useful to get some collectibles 
  and some other materials.
* While exploring the different parts you might also come in contact with the 
  treasures, which can be very beneficial. You might be lucky enough to have  
  some new Schematics, XPís and some other important material required for 
* Exploring will also let you know on the map where the other survivors are 
  and rescue them.
* Sometimes while rescuing them a small mission might start up for killing 
  the enemies. Complete it and then rescue the survivor.

How to Craft Ammo:
For Metal, Nuts and Bolts go in suburbs, it is easy to collect by breaking the
cars and other metal items like a washing machine or a grill, etc. While in 
woods you will have to look for a cave to collect metal or tracks, machines, 
etc. And if you are in no mood to explore then try doing the expedition mission.
You can get large amount of supply in it. So in this way you can gather items 
first and then craft ammos from it. There is also some second delay while 
crafting so keep a watch, doing this in a crowded enemy area can be lethal.

Finishing Daily Quests:
If you are from one of those who doesn't bother about the Daily Quest then, 
keep this in your mind that, completing Daily Quest will get you V-bucks and 
they are not that hard to complete. As you move ahead in the quest the mission
it will change every time, but there will be a slight increase or fall in the 
difficulty level.

Unlimited Nuts and Bolts Glitch:
In the Save The World PvE Mode, you can do a Nuts and Bolts glitch to get lots of 
this crafting material for weapon ammo. Complete the quest that gives you the 
hoverboard & boost pad (straight) schematic. Then go into your inventoryís Schematics
section to buy as many as you can (for 2 nuts and bolts & 1 plank) as you get more 
back (3 nuts and bolts & 2 planks) when you sell each one!


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