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  Hints and Tips for: Forza Horizon 3 
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 Forza Horizon 3 Cheats

Forza Horizon 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Get The Horizon Promo Perk:
As you play, you’ll earn Skill Points to redeem on various perks with a 
variety of different features, from additional horn sounds to XP boosts.
However, one particular perk is the “Horizon Promo” perk. This perk brings 
back a feature from Forza Horizon 2 where you can take pictures of cars 
and earn CR (in game money) for each unique picture. 

Note: you can only get credit for taking a cars picture once, but there 
are 425 cars to take pictures of!.

To help expedite your photo taking: at the start of each race, just 
before the cars are leave the starting line, go into photo mode and 
snap some shots while all the cars bunched together.  It’s possible to
sometimes get five or more vehicles in one picture! You’ll also get 
an added reward for every 20 cars photographed.

How to make Sharp Turns:
1.As there are many types of vehicles available in the Forza, the ability 
  to handle the turns will depend on the type of the vehicle you are 
  driving and it's stats.
2.There are many variable curves and turns are found in the Forza 3. 
  Some can be handled easily by shifting over in the road, where the 
  others are needs to be brake by you. Out of all latter are the difficult
  ones to deal with.
3.If you are about to make a sharp turn, check on the count of vehicles 
  around you and how many vehicles are around you when you make a turn. 
  Since you are moving at high speed, it is a bad idea to slow down and 
  try to drift alone. Better is, use the opponents as sort of guard rail.
  Use them to soften the blow while making the turn, which will allow 
  you to bounce off of them quickly, allowing you to turn and gets you 
  in front of them in the race.
4.If you are in the first place and not having any opponents around you,
  then take the advantage of environment. Since Forza 3 rewards for 
  crashing into things, instead of making sharp turn and end up with 
  spinning out, go for less of a turn and almost side swipe the wall,
  which only slows you down for a second and you will recover quickly 
  than if you got all turned around, when there is water on the road 

Level Up Quickly:
Hidden around the map, you'll find XP boards. There are a total of 100 
of them. The most common ones are worth 1,000 XP. You'll find 50 of them,
if you search well enough. Less common are the boards worth 5,000 XP 
(there are 35 of those). Finally, there are 15 of the rarest boards, 
which award a whopping 20,000 XP apiece. Finding those should allow you 
to level up very quickly indeed.

Free Festival Travel:
Normally, you would have to pay a fee to fast travel to a festival. 
However, there's a way around that. First, access the pause menu. Go to 
the "Cars" tab, then select "Autoshow" to travel directly to the nearest 
festival without paying the usual fee.

Offensive plate:
When you are asked to enter a personalized number plate at the beginning of
the game, enter a profane word as your number plate. You will be warned that
it is offensive content, and the narrator will reprimand you and remind you 
this is a family game.

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