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  Hints and Tips for: Fragmented 
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 Fragmented Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The following commands can be typed directly into the chat box. Please replace 
[parameters] accordingly and remove brackets. These commands may be used in 
offline mode, however, will require GM permissions in online mode or on a 
dedicated server.

/gm ban add [character name] or [Steam ID] – Bans a character from the server.
/gm ban remove [character name] or [Steam ID} – Removes ban for selected character.
/gm ban list – Lists players that are currently banned from the server.
/gm create [password] – Grants GM privileges.
/gm godmode on/off – You become unable to be killed.
/gm popupmsg [message] – Displays a pop up message to everyone on the server.
/gm shutdownsever – Shuts down the server.
/gm kick [character name] or [Steam ID] – Kicks the selected player off of the server.
/givepoints – Increases your level by one.
/item create 1 [item name] – Spawns any given item directly to your inventory.
/speed [0-255] – Increases your sprint speed.
/teleport [x], [y], [z] – Teleports you to specified coordinates.
/who – Displays all characters, Steam IDs and coordinates on the server.
/wipeme inventory – Removes all inventory.
/wipeme equipment – Removes all equipped items.
/wipeme oldguilddata – Removes any lingering old guild data.
/wipme skills – Resets all of your skills to level one.
/wipeme structures – Removes ALL structures on a server.
/wipeme recipes – Allows newly added recipes to populate the list.
/wipeme resettolevel1 – Resets your character to level 1.
/ruleset show – Shows the current rule set on the server.
/ruleset allowpvp [true or false] – Sets PVP ability on the server. Allows PVP if TRUE.
/ruleset destroystructures [true or false] – Allows or disallows destruction of structures.
/ruleset corpseloot [true or false] – Allows or disallows dropping of inventory upon death.
/ruleset permadeath [true or false] – Allows or disallows reset to level one upon death.
/ruleset experiencemod [value] – Sets the experience modifier on the server. 
                                 Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.5=50% slower, 2.0=200% faster.
/ruleset damagemodifier [value] – Sets the damage modifier on the server. 
                                  Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.5=50% damage, 2.0=200% damage.
/ruleset npcdificultymodifier [value] – Sets the NPC difficulty on the server.
/ruleset hungermodifier [value] – Sets the hunger value modifier on the server. 
                                  Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.25=25% less, 1.5=150% more.
/ruleset thirstmodifier [value] – Sets the thirst value modifier on the server. 
                                  Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.25=25% less, 1.5=150% more.
/ruleset sprintstaminamodifier [value] – Sets the stamina modifier while sprinting. 
                                         Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.5=50% slower, 2.0=200% faster.
/ruleset recoverstaminamodifier [value] – Sets the stamina recovery modifier on the server.
                                          Ex: 1.0=baseline, 0.5=50% slower, 2.0=200% faster.
/ruleset decayratemodifier [value] – Sets the rate of decay on items for the server. 
                                     Ex: 0.1=baseline > lasts longer, < decays faster.
/ruleset motd [message] – Sets a message of the day that is seen in the chat box upon log in to the server.

The following are additional commands that do not require a GM password to execute.

/creategroup [group name] – Creates a new chat tab for the name you have chosen for your group.
/joingroup [group name] – Allows you to join a particular chat tab group that has been started 
                          by another player.
/leavegroup [group name] – Removes you from the group chat and removes the chat tab.
/guildinvite [character name] – Invites a character to your guild. 
 Can also be done through the guild manager (G).
/mute [character name] – Mutes a character from your visible chat.
/unmute [character name] – Un-mutes a character from your visible chat.
/pet summon – Summons your pet to you (must be more than 100 meters away)
/pet dismiss – Dismisses your current pet (cannot be recalled)
/pm [character name] – Sends a private message to a character.
/setname [name] – Ability to rename your character.
/location – Shows your coordinates.
/info steam – Shows your Steam ID.
/suicide – Kills your character and allows respawn.
/time – Shows current server time.
/wipeme charactercreation – Allows you to rename and re-customize your character. 
 Has no effect on skills and inventory.
/wipeme resettolevel1 – Resets your character to level 1.
/wipeme recipes – Allows newly added recipes to populate the list.
/who – Lists all character names on the server.

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