Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster 
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 Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster Cheats

Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster

To find a bag to put all your stuff in, you must go down to the
room that contains Tessler's Lightning Coil (it is found by going
through the trap door on first floor where you woke up). When  
you  are in the room with the large coil, you must go through the
door on the right before the stairway. Once you enter that door 
you will find yourself on the roof where there is a cut out crater
on one of the sides of the  stone  wall. You then must go towards 
the string and put the heavy metal balls on the plateform which 
will then move up the wall and cause the skeleton of a dead bird
to fall off the wall. Once that has  occured  drag  the string 
from the bird  to  the nocked out crater in the stone wall and 
continue to drag the sting to the window w/ the mangled bars in
which you will enter. Once you are in  the secret passage go all
the way down the  ladder,  then get off ladder and find  the 
lever which will open a secret wall (as you are turning the lever, 
you will have to put the wheels back on in order to continue to
open the wall).  Go through the opened wall (you enter another 
secret room through a carpet that  is hanging over the hole), 
once in the room continue straight to the dining room. In the 
dining room go towards the fireplace, there on your left you 
will  see the bag you will need to keep all the clues and stuff
you find on your journey.
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