Freedom - First Resistance Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Freedom - First Resistance 
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 Freedom - First Resistance Cheats

Freedom - First Resistance

Cheat Codes:
After installing the game you'll need to run it at 
least one time before you can modify some files to 
enable the cheat mode. Once you've run the game you'll 
need to close it and then access the game folder in your 
windows explorer. 
Once you're at this window locate two files. First locate 
Freedom.cfg, open it (use NotePad) then at the very bottom 
add this line of code: 

showmissions true 
After doing that you'll want to close and save the file. 

Next you'll want to locate and open a file called Action.cfg. 
At the top of this file you'll need to enter this line of code:

Bind tilde console 
Now close and save the file. Close the windows explorer and 
launch the game again. 
Once the game is relaunched you can select Load Game and be 
taken to a screen showing a list of levels. You can choose 
a level and go for it. 

During the game you can hit the Tilde Key (~) and type one of these 
codes to manipulate your game. 

Code                      Result
Toggleai                - This will disable and freeze the AI in 
                          their current state. 
Toggledoors             - This will reverse the state of all doors. 
                          (Open doors will become locked and vice a versa) 
Toggledamage            - This will turn off all of the damage in the  
                          game. No damage will be incurred by any character. 
Toggledetection         - This will toggle the detection states, AI 
                          will not detect you. 
Badguysarelousyshots.01 - This will reduce the accuracy of the enemy 
Gimme "item"            - Replace the word "item" with one  
                          of the following items listed below.  
Toolkit                 - Only good for Leo, Noone else can use the toolkit. 
Rifle                   - Only usable by humans. 
Rifle ammo              - 10 rounds Catteni pistol 
Catteni pistol ammo     - 15 rounds 
Allergen grenades       - Only effective against catteni 
Catteni Blaster         - Large rifle, only usable by Zared 
Catteni Blaster Ammo    - 10 rounds

Submitted by: rickHH

When in combat and using firearms, don't try to run 
and shoot at the same time, as it doesn't work very 
well. Sneak a shot in before they notice you if possible, 
then stop and turn for the second or third.

Zared is the only one who can use a Catteni blaster, so 
equip him with it if you find one. Conversely, only humans 
can use rifles.

If you forget what you're supposed to do, hit the M key 
to bring up the mission and map screen; hitting the F1 key 
brings up a number of general gameplay hints.

Remember to try to choose the right response from the 
dialogue tree when engulfed in conversation; your response 
could help or hinder your goals.

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