Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare 
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 Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Cheats

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited Credits & XP Cheat:
If you press “END“-button (not delete or backspace) there will be aditional buttons 
at the left side (for example on worldmap) where you can get 10.000 credits, 10.000 
EXP, invisibility, kill all enemy or kill yourself.

Money/Item Glitch:
1.Go to a town, open the weapon vendor (or any vendor).
2.Click on your inventory (it will open ‘behind” the vendor screen).
3.Choose items like normal. Notice they go into your inventory screen inventory, 
  not the normal one that they would go in when you buy things.
4.Close YOUR inventory.
5.Reopen your inventory.
6.Close your inventory again, and the vendor’s. Leave town.
7.You should now have your stolen items. Have Fun! 

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Strategy Guide:
Written by ZetaCrit

A comprehensive guide to strategy in Freeman: Guerilla Warfare. Note that this guide assumes 
you wish to specialize in Rifle, and ignores combat vehicles due to their low cost effectiveness 
and clunky AI as of the current update. 

As an alternative to this section, you can regularly save & reload your game, however this can 
be seen as a less immersive experience

-=Recruiting Units=-
Recruits will naturally cycle if given enough time, but it can take a while. You can speed up 
the process by hiring & disbanding squads you don't want. Note that you should remove all but 
one unit from the squad before hiring it to save money. 

A town will not be able to spawn new quests if it has quests that have not been accepted yet. 
To combat this, you should always accept all quests that a town offers, and then abandon the 
ones you are not interested in.

As soon as you start your game, you should assign all of your skill points to Marksman, and all 
of your weapon points to Rifle. Then, sell all of your items except food, your pistol, the ammo 
it holds in its holster, and 2 medkits (If you find a town with Flour, sell your food and buy 2 

After selling your items, buy a KA13 Rifle and some ammo. 

Now, to set up your party. You won't need any Female Militia for money farming, so disband all 
but 2 of them. For your top squad, put Anna in the first slot, and your 2 remaining Female 
Militia in the last 2 slots. Put all of your Militia in another squad. Note that these squads 
should travel together in combat until they are both full.

-=Marskman Training [Level 1-7]=-
Your first phase is Marksman Training, you should be fighting small Bandit squads.

While fighting bandit squads, you should be training Militia for Train Soldiers quests. When you 
have extra funds, buy a squad of Militia (Remove the females first!) and level them up to Freedom 
Fighters, but DO NOT upgrade them to Freedom Sniper / Veteran Freedom Fighter until you have enough 
to turn in a quest. 

With your extra funds, buy yourself the best armor in the game. I'm not going to list what that is 
here, that's for another guide entirely, just compare the numbers yourself for now. 

Once you've reaches Level 12 Marksmanship [Should be at Level 7], buy the VIM Marksman Rifle 
(And ammo!) and equip it. Your marksman training is now complete!

-=Intelligence Training [Level 8-19]=-
Before we move ahead, I want to note that you will be doing the Train Soldiers quest for the rest 
of the game. Some people get confused because I put it in the first section. 

Now, this phase is essentially the same, except since you have the VIM, you can engage Vehicle-Only 
squads by yourself (It gives good XP). Some vehicles can be hard to take down, so you should train 
on squads with just PA64 Assault Cars first (They're the easiest). 

Everything else is the same, except your points should go into Intelligence until it reaches level 12.

-=Leadership Training & Growing Your Army [Level 20-31]=-
During this phase, you're going to be taking on your first other faction, I reccomend CFR, since 
they're usually the weakest. 

When the opportunity arises, you should attempt to take generals from a faction. Note that you 
should only go to war with ONE faction at a time (Excluding Bandits & Uman). 

You'll also be setting up your first combat squads during this phase. A combat squad consists of 
a General, 6 Ponza Sharpshooters, & 2 Combat Medics. As you can afford it, you should give your 
combat units the best armor in the game & fully upgrade their Health & Accuracy. Your Generals & 
Combat Medics will also need guns as well, so pick up extra VIMs when you can. 

During this phase, you should be putting all of your points into Leadership until it reaches level 12.

-=Lategame [Level 32+]=-
Just keep doin' what you're doin', there's not a lot of advice I can give you here because it doesn't 
matter too much what you do now. Personally, I like to get my Constitution up to Level 12 so that 
I can max my inventory space.

I guess you could wipe out the other factions, get their commanders for your squads, and take all 
the towns? All I can give you from here is good luck!

City Trading Guide:
Written by WaGo15

This is the list of what cities need and sell for cheap.

-=First Things First...=-
This guide will show you what cities are demanding and selling on discount. I have started a 
few games to check if this changes with each new game but it does not seem to be with the 
current version (0.951).

I have also added the towns and what they sell on discount.

You can earn a lot of money early game when you trade a lot. I suggest you choose a character 
with high trading skill and high map speed. When you have enough money, just buy your army :)

-=What Cities Demand and Sell on Siscount=-
Aber demands fur and sells pearls on discount
Zinkov demands linen and sells canned fish on discount
Mirne demands coffee beans and sells salt on discount
Zalaniv demands pottery and has nothing on discount
Beneva demands tea and sells cigarettes on discount
Dubno demands gasoline and sells wheat on discount
Odetsk demands salt and sells iron ore on discount
Pliskiv demands crystal and sells wood on discount
Babin demands canned fish and sells leather on discount
Smolyanka demands iron ore and sells beef on discount
Berezno demands gold ore and sells fruits on discount
Drobin demands dried fish and sells pottery on discount
Gorinka demands herbs and sells crystal on discount
Chernivka demands wood and sells raw amber on discount
Lipno demands cigarettes and sells herbs on discount
Zhaskiv demands wheat and sells fur on discount
Litvin demands asphalt and sells linen on discount
Lubni demands beef ands sells rice on discount
Brovari demands raw amber and sells tea on discount

-=What Towns Sells on Discount=-
Syniv sells raw amber on discount
Kvasiv sells canned fish on discount
Yahodynka sells tea on discount
Zathishne sells gasoline on discount
Berestya sells fruits on discount
Lubativ sells rice on discount
Yasne sells gold ore on discount
Dernivka sells fur on discount
Masliv sells leather on discount
Kochaniv sells pearl on discount
Zhaniv sells herbs on discount
Dniv sells wood on discount

-=Trade Routes=-
Minov - Litvin: Asphalt
Litvin - Zinkov: Linen
Mirne - Odetsk: Salt
Lubni - Tumanivska: Rice
Tumanivska - Dubno: Gasoline
Dubno - Zhaskiv: Wheat
Beneva - Lipno: Cigarettes
Lipno - Gorinka: Herbs
Gorinka - Pliskiv: Crystal
Pliskiv - Chernivka: Wood
Chernivka - Brovari: Raw Amber
Brovari - Beneva: Tea

Useful Tips & Tricks:
* You have the luxury of picking your battles. When you start out, you 
have a measly pistol and two squads of soldiers. Use your immediate funds to 
recruit another unit at a nearby town, then prey on the various bandits 
prowling the map. The number by the character identifies the number of enemy 
combatants. Try to fight enemies that are as close to your strength level as 

* Patience is key in combat. While scouting for the enemy, put squads on Cease 
Fire and use Charge to move quickly between cover. Once you make contact, 
consider the tactical situation first – and ensure you won’t be surrounded 
within minutes of opening fire.

* Try to keep out of combat as much as you can if your equipment is sub-par. 
You can still win a battle if you lose your squads. If you die in the middle of 
a heated battle however, the remainder of the battle will be automatically 
resolved – not necessarily in your favor.

* Try to source weapons from world map encounters, rather than buying them in towns. 
This will save a lot of money in the long run. Weapon mods are the exception – once 
you get a rifle, grab a scope as soon as possible.

* You can shift click your units in the world map to select multiple units at once. 
This is helpful for larger squads and for better unit micro management.

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