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  Hints and Tips for: Freesky Online 
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 Freesky Online Cheats

Freesky Online

Infinite Gold Trick:
Submitted by: Anon Ymous

-=Here's how to do it=-
1. Create more than 1 account, 2 is ok...
2. Follow the tutorial until it done (free gift is always good)
3. Start to make parts (parts to make Tier 1 Recon Planes and attack planes)
4. Create a lot of that Recon Planes and some attack planes
5. Meanwhile, in your main account, start to make Emplacements (defensive building)
6. Attack your main account using those Recon Planes and ONLY one Attack Planes 
   (to make sure the main account will win the battle).
7. repeat it again and again, preferably using Macro like Jitbit Macro Recorder 
   or sumthing, until you get your desired amount of gold!
8. This trick can be use in all Freesky game, as long as it allow war between 
   player, and the good thing is : Any Freesky game WILL allow you to attack 
   another City.
9. You can do this freely in IGG Freesky cuz there's no admin there, and also no
   anti cheat measure.

Commerce Exploit Trick:
Submitted by: Anon Ymous

-=How to do it=-
1. Firstly you must create a lot of account in that game. 30 account come to mind.
2. Build your castle and follow the tutorial until you reach lvl 2 castle, and then 
   upgrade only your Ressource Building until it got to lvl 9 (so that you can make 
   enough ress to sell).
3. Focus upgrade your Dominance Skill in Cultural Institute, so you can make a lot of
   castle (5-6 should be enough to keep you going...
4. Build Heavy Shipyard and start to make Trade Ship, to plunder ress from your another
   29 account to feed your main account.
5. After your main account got all the ress, safe it in the market at max price to 
   avoid being plundered by another player...
6. Build Alliance chamber until you can create your own Alliance.
7. Insert ALL your Alternative account into that Alliance.
8. set the alternative account to buy ress at Alliance market (need at least 30 member
   to activate) and then start your main account to sell that ress it got from the 
9. This trick/exploit will be very good to be done if you have Proxy server, or another 
   guy who wants to cheat too, and also if you using Infinite Gold Trick.
10.This cheat can be played while on IGG account, cuz they don't have any safety measure
   and there's no admin there, so it's basically neat eh?.
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