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  Hints and Tips for: Frozen Synapse 2 
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 Frozen Synapse 2 Cheats

Frozen Synapse 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Tactician's Guide:
Written by _Zorbaz

-=Know the Vatforms=-
The first step beyond familiarity with the user interface of Frozen Synapse 2 is 
to understand the capabilities of each vatform. This is a key part of making 
effective plans in Frozen Synapse. Each unit will be briefly reviewed, and key 
points will be highlighted about each unit. Units will behave in the exact same 
way everytime. It should be noted that some units in the city game have 
extraordinary abilities, but this is beyond the scope of this guide. 

-=Short-Range Vatforms=-
Name: Knife 
Strengths: Instant Kill-Time, Fastest Unit, Cheap 
Weaknesses: No range, Easily Shotguned, Dead in Open Ground 
How to use: Sprint up to enemies and shiv them. Chain-kills are a lot of fun. 

Name: Pistol 
Strengths: Fast, Short Range, Cheapest Bullet Unit 
Weaknesses: Slow Kill-Time, Limited Range, Dead in Open Ground 
How to use: Use them as a distraction, or use them to kill units that don't shoot back. 

Name: SMG 
Strengths: Fast, Medium Range, Effective Flanker. 
Weaknesses: Poor Kill-Time, Loses hard to ARs and Snipers, Weak in Open Ground 
How to use: 2 or 3 SMGs can tackle most units. Use a SMG to kill units that don't shoot back. 

Name: Shotgun 
Strengths: Nearly Instant Kill-Time, Master of Short Range, Standard Speed 
Weaknesses: Dead in Open Ground, Limited Range 
How to use: These are they guys you send through the door first. 

-=Mid-Range Bullet Vatforms=-
Name: AR 
Strengths: Jack-of-All-Trades, Average Kill-Time, Medium Range 
Weaknesses: Outranged by Snipers, Weak in Open Ground 
How to use: They are a swiss army knife, good at a lot but master of none. 

Name: Scoped AR 
Strengths: Jack-of-All-Trades, Reliable in Open Ground, Medium-Long Range 
Weaknesses: Outranged by Snipers, Easily Shotguned 
How to use: Scopes are a reliable Mid-Long range solution, my favorite unit. 

-=Long-Range Bullet Vatforms=-
Name: Sniper 
Strengths: Master of Long Range, Fantastic in Open Ground 
Weaknesses: Easily Killed at Short Range, Slow, Long Kill-Time 
How to use: Keep snipers at long ranges, with great views, and no enemy flankers. 

Name: Turret 
Strengths: Master of Long Range, Fantastic in Open Ground, Short Kill-Time 
Weaknesses: Very Slow, Cannot Shoot While Moving, Must Deploy Before Firing 
How to use: This deadly unit must be carefully positioned, and given time to set up. 

-=Explosive Vatforms=-
Name: Minelayer 
Strengths: Denial of Area, Static Explosive, Damn Mines 
Weaknesses: Delaid Mine Placement, Cannot Shoot, Single Mine Per Turn. 
How to use: Mine choke points, as mines explode when a unit or grenade steps on them. 

Name: Smoke Launcher 
Strengths: Provides Mobile Concealment In Any Area! 
Weaknesses: Cannot Shoot, Delaid Smoke Launch, Single Smoke Per Turn 
How to use: They provide concealment, allowing you to attack, or fallback in cover. 

Name: Grenade Launcher 
Strengths: Grenading Rooms, Punishing Campers, Covering A Retreat 
Weaknesses: Cannot Shoot, Delaid Grenade Launch, Single Grenade Per Turn 
How to use: Dump the nade through the door then attack, or retreat. 

Name: Toxic Launcher 
Strengths: Grenading Rooms, Denying Access, Covering A Retreat 
Weaknesses: Cannot Shoot, Delaid Gas Launch, Single Grenade Per Turn 
How to use: Gas lingers after each shot, so do not send your own units into your gas. 

Name: Rocket Launcher 
Strengths: Wall & Cover Destruction, Unlimited Range, Ultimate Overkill 
Weaknesses: Cannot Shoot, Delaid Rocket Launch, Slow 
How to use: Rockets can be used to reduce a building to rubble, or as a pin-point 

-=Know the Mission=-
Generally, all Frozen Synapse Missions can be solved by nutralizing all hostiles. 
This is a pretty way of saying, if they are dead they don't shoot back. 

It is possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in many missions by 
completeing the mission objectives even if you are out-numbered and out-gunned. 
Some missions can only be completed by following the objective. There are two 
kinds of battlefields in Frozen Synapse: Multiplayer, and Singleplayer.

Multiplayer Missions are played against other human opponants. There are six 
mission types. They are listed as follows: Exterminate, Charge, Dispute, Secure, 
Hostage, and Bomb Defusal. These mission types will breakdown each of these, 
and provide some suggestions and sound tactics. It is important to remember that 
each mission will be unique, and you will be forced to adapt to changing 
situations in battle. 

Singleplayer Missions are played against the evil AI.

-=Understand the Green & Red=-
It is important to know what options you have in battle; it is also important 
to know what options your opponent has in battle. These options are two sides 
of the same coin. The synergistic effect of explosive units, area-effect units 
and bullet units in a squad cannot be overstated. If the player send a bullet 
vatform through a door, and there is an ambush, then the vatform is dead. But 
if the player use a grenade before the player send the vatform in, or if the 
player use a flamethrower to pin down the enemy unit, then the player have a 
greater chance of success. A core part of Frozen Synapse 2 is a combination of
 unit synergy, flanking movements, explosive management and use of the focus 

Smoke grenades are a powerful tool, they can be used to block line of sight. 
This will stop units outside the smoke from shooting enemy units hidden inside 
or beyond the smoke. If a long range red unit is camped behind cover, you can 
use smoke to safely move across the battlefield. Units inside smoke cannot 
shoot outside, but they can shoot enemies inside the smoke. You can use this, 
try dropping a smoke on top of the enemy position then sending your close range 
unit inside the smoke to kill the enemy that is also inside the smoke. 

Toxic grenades and regular grenades can be used to deny an enemy access through 
a critical area of the battlefield. Grenades have a restricted travel distance 
and explosive radius. Grenades can be bounced off walls, shields, and cover. 
Grenades can also be used offensively to clear out stubborn resistance. Do not 
forget to look for opportunities to catch red units in transit from one point 
to another. Enemies can see grenades when they are fired in dark mode, so do 
not leave your grenadier in the same spot after firing.

Rocket launcher units are the only unit that destroys walls from any distance. 
This ability can be crucial to victory. A tactician should look to destroy 
walls to kill enemy units on the other side of that wall, or to breach the 
enemy defense from an unexpected position. An example of this would be that 
red unit(s) have locked down all the entrances to a room. You can destroy the 
wall, and send your unit(s) into the new opening or whittle them down from a 
distance. A crouched rocket launcher will destroy cover, where as a standing 
rocket launcher will shoot over the cover. 

Flamethrowers and Miniguns are wonderful for locking down door ways. It does 
not matter how many units attack. If they walk into the area of effect, then 
they are dead. You can use AoEs to lock down doorways that you do not want 
enemies coming through. AoEs will cause grenades and rockets to blow up on 
contact with the area of effect. Flamethrowers and Miniguns have limited 
range, and they can be easily killed if they are left in the open. 

Turrets are your long range lockdown the area solution unit. Once they are 
set in place and pointed in the direction of the enemy they will begin to 
rapidly clear any enemies caught in the open. I suggest you use these units 
to deny open areas of the map to the enemy. They are similar to a sniper, but 
they remain immobile while deployed. 

AoE, Turrents and Grenade vatforms cannot move while they are firing. They 
should be protected from long range threats such as Snipers. You should also 
watch out for flanking units, as AoE and Grenade units are easy prey.

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