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  Hints and Tips for: Fur Fighters 
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 Fur Fighters Cheats

Fur Fighters

Cheat Codes:
To continue past a point that tells you that a certain number of tokens or
babies are required, edit the "LEVELS.TXT" file, find the section describing
the level you are on, find the line "req tokens=" or "req babies=", change 
it to a number lower than what you already have, and restart the game. 
You can now enter where you couldn't before.

Cheat mode:
When the message "Cheat Discovered" appears, it indicates that a cheat has 
been unlocked. Return to the main menu and select "Start A New Game". The 
cheat menu will now be available, with the cheat you discovered. The bottom 
of the menu it will display "Cheat Off ". Press [Right] and [Left] to change 
it to "Cheat On". Load any desired game and that cheat will be enabled.

Mini-game cheats:
The mini-games cheats are a bit unfair because you may spend a lot of time
without getting the cheat -- you may not get the cheat by getting the points
required or within the maximum number of seconds required to get it. It is 
recommended to get more points or less seconds, otherwise you may not get 
the cheat. 

Land of the Happy Moles cheat:
Inside the World Quack Centre of New Quack City, go into the room where there
are some statues of buildings, dams, etc. On the left-hand side of that room 
is the entrance of another room that is controlled by a monitor camera, which
is preventing visitors from getting in. In order to enter, push the statue of
the World Quack Centre toward the entrance until the statue will appears on the
camera. That indicates that the camera is no longer able to see the player. 
Inside the room are computers displaying a baby dog flying. Look for the one
that shows the logo of Bizarre Creations. Blow it up and you will unlock the
cheat that gives you an extra level for Fluff match.

Auto aim cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to save Gwynth. This cheat will make
the weapons point automatically at the enemy without any need for turning.

Health boost cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to save Juanita. 

Ammo boost cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to save Claude. 

Stereopair viewing cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to save Esmeralda. With this cheat, you
will see a screen split up in two windows that show the same thing. You will not
be able to see the guns, the ammo, the life, the golden tokens and the babies you

Fishy world:
After Defeating Viggo, go to Roofus' house and get 7500 points (75 apples) in his
snake mini-game. Note: Although it seems impossible to unlock the cheat before the
snake gets too long, this is not true. Get 2500 points (25 apples) without losing 
a life in the first maze. A new maze opens with a small snake, allowing you to get
7500 points.

Tough bears cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to save Winnie and Mai.

Invulnerability cheat:
After finishing the entire game, return to The General's Lair. You will unlock a cheat 
that will make you invincible. You can still die if you get squashed or fall somewhere 
you cannot enter, such as space.

Rotate cam cheat:
After saving Gwynth, go to Tweek's house, then follow the lava path. You should reach 
Tweek's bedroom. It will hurt a bit unless you are Tweek. In the Sliding mini-game he
has, complete one picture in less than 120 seconds to unlock the cheat.

Rocket cam cheat:
After saving Juanita, go to Rico's house. Get 3000 points (30 apples) in his Snake 
mini-game to unlock the cheat. 

Honey, I shrunk the Fur Fighters cheat: 
After saving Claude, go to Juliette's house. Get 15,000 points in her Balloon mini-game 
to unlock the cheat. This cheat will make all the Fur Fighters tiny.

Walter cheat:
After saving Esmeralda, go to Bungalow's house. Get 20,000 points on his Bear mini-game. 
The cheat changes the voices in intermission scenes, and when talking to people during 
game play.

Big head mode cheat:
After saving Winnie and Mai, go to Chang's house. Get 50,000 points on his Bombing 
mini-game to unlock the cheat. 

Other codes:
The following are also options on the cheat menu.

Fishy world    : Gives you distorted vision.
Headless bears : The bears have no heads.
Level select   : Select any level to start the game.
First person   : View everything from your chosen Fur Fighter's point of view.

Level skip:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before 
proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "levels.txt" file in the game directory. Find the 
section that corresponds to the level you are currently playing. Locate the "req tokens=" 
or "req babies=" entries and change the numbers in those lines to a number lower than what 
you already have. Restart the game to advance past that level.

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