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  Hints and Tips for: Future Wars 
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 Future Wars Cheats

Future Wars

Cheat Codes:

Room 1: 
Go to bucket and take bucket. Go to left side of scaffold and examine it.
Operate Red button. Go to Window and Operate window.

Room 2:
Go to waste paper basket. Take plastic bag. Take little flag on floor. Go
to cupboard and operate cupboard. Take canister of insecticide. Go to sink
and use bucket of water on sink. Go to north door and use full bucket on 
door. Go to carpet near east door, operate carpet to find key. Go to east
door and operate door.

Room 3:
Go to second cupboard on the bottom. Use key on cupboard and find typewriter.
Examine typewriter and find code. Go to desk and operate drawer. Take piece
of paper. Examine map then examine smaller map to find small hole. Use little
flag on little hole. Enter secret passage.

Room 4:
Examine Keypad. QUICKLY... Operate 4. Operate 0. Operate 3. 
Operate 1. Operate 5.

Room 5:
Go to machine. Use sheet of paper on opening. Find control panel on machine.
Operate green button then operate red button. Take document that comes out. 
Move QUICKLY to center of transporter.

Fix Problem with Flickering Graphics:
If you are running the game in VGA graphics mode and the graphics flicker on 
the screen, try selecting MCGA graphics instead from the game's setup menu. 
The game should now work without any graphic problems.

Last Mission Guide:
Written by A Smooth Criminal

This describes a way to beat the final mission.

So, I was stuck on the last mission, with seemingly no way to hold off the enemy. I 
tried everything I could survive, but nothing was working. I try to look up a guide, 
but nothing. There are seemingly no videos at all about this game on the internet. 
So, if you’re stuck, try my method of winning.

* Form a defensive line at the front of your starting cities with the launcher in 
  the back, and the troopers at the HQ.
* Build a stormwhatever for anti-air.
* Focus on killing the enemy AA with the missile launcher; although you won’t get 
  them all.
* Build a dropship and grab a trooper.
* Build a raptor.
* Take the western island with the raptor and dropship.
* Your defenses should be falling by now.
* Pump out raptors from your new western base, and move to take the eastern island. 
  On both islands, block the construction of new raptors with your dropship, and grab 
  the cities first.
* Keep three raptors off the coast of your HQ.
* When the ai tries to take the HQ, move in with the raptors. Two of them will probably 
  die on the enemies turn.
* When the western island is taken, take the dropship, and the trooper to the northeast 
  factory and start taking it. This will make the AI send a bunch of units away from the 
  main base to your location.
* Simultaneously send at least two raptors up the west side of the map, and go towards 
  the enemy HQ.
* Pick up the trooper to the east with the dropship and skirt the northern edge of the 
  map to make your way to the HQ.
* Put your raptors in front of the HQ, and drop your trooper into the HQ and take it over.
* The raptors will get shredded, but should keep the heat off of your trooper for a turn.
* Put your dropship in front of the HQ to shield your trooper again.
* You win.

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