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  Hints and Tips for: Gemini Lost 
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 Gemini Lost Cheats

Gemini Lost

Submitted by: David K.

Libra Key:
Hidden in the ruins on the left side of the land, after you built the stone
bridge to cross the river. Across the river is one set of ruins, then to the
left and south of that is a large briar patch that needs to be removed. Once
the briar patch is removed you need to cut down the large dead tree to get 
across the chasm to the last area. There in that last area are the ruins of 
the observatory. Once your workers clear that area the Libra Key will appear.

Finding all 12 zodiacs:
* 1 in the swamp after you complete the bridge.
* 1 in the swamp in the well.
* 1 in the swamp behind the chatty spider.
* 1 in the bush in the fuzzle field.
* 1 on the raft after you rebuild it.
* 1 on the other side of the stone bridge (the first ruins).
* 1 on the other side of the stone bridge (observatory ruins).
* 1 on the side of the cliff by the observatory.
* 1 from the old dude in the ice.
* 1 from the large face statue (to the left of the old dude's cave).
* 1 in the tree protected by the bees.
* 1 in the pond that you get from the big fish.
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