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  Hints and Tips for: Get To The Orange Door 
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 Get To The Orange Door Cheats

Get To The Orange Door

Submitted by: David K.

All Console Commands:
Written by NonamewouldFit

-=How do I Access the Dev Console?=-
Its Fairly simple actually. No messing around with a config file, no warning 
screen telling you you are doing something wrong. Nothing.

Press the Esc Key on your keyboard to bring up that flashy menu, and then go into keybinds. 
It has a keyboard icon. Hard to miss.
After that, you scroll all the way down until you find Developer Console. Good! 
Then you bind that sucker.

I recommend the Tilde Or Back Quote Key. Its in-between both your tab key and Number 1 
on your keyboard however you can bind it to whatever you deem fit. Im not your mom.

-=The Give Command!=-
Give! The Give command is fairly simple, Give yourself weapons of mass destruction to 
use! While i wont go into them because that would take too much effort, theres another 
guide out there that lists everything you might need weapon wise.

Give 0: Silenced Pistol
Give 1: Pistol
Give 2: Double Barrel
Give 3: Bolt-Action
Give 4: Silenced SMG
Give 5: Sticky Detonator
Give 6: Compact Shotgun
Give 7: Auto Pistol
Give 8: Marksman Rifle
Give 9: Revolver
Give 10: Burst Carbine
Give 11: SMG
Give 12: Sniper Rifle
Give 13: Battle Rifle
Give 14: Assault Rifle
Give 15: Shotgun
Give 16: Carbine
Give 17: Lever-Action
Give 18: PDW
Give 19: Grenade Launcher
Give 20: Assault Shotgun
Give 21: LMG
Give 22: Rocket Launcher
Give 23: AGL
Give 24: Plasma Cannon
Give 25: Burst Cannon
Give 26: Scatter Cannon
Give 27: Vulcannon
Give 28 does nothing and so forth

Editors Note, The Easter egg weapons are seemingly unavailable. 
Stuff like the Riveter and the Ultrakill Gun is MIA. Sad.

-=The Build Command!=-
With the Introduction of Sticks and Stones, We got a totally not rip-off pack a punch 
from COD Zombies into this beautiful game. We call it the “Build A Bang Engine.” Or BABE for short.
With the Build command, you can get your grubby fingers on such a destructive arsenal!

The Original Name of the gun is on the left, with its BABE name on the right.

Build 0: Silenced Pistol / Silent But Deadly
Build 1: Pistol / Basilisk
Build 2: Double Barrel / Super Shotgun
Build 3: Bolt-Action / Skewer
Build 4: Silenced SMG / Suzin
Build 5: Sticky Detonator / Sticky Icky
Build 6: Compact Shotgun / Super Shorty
Build 7: Auto Pistol / Bad Medicine
Build 8: Marksman Rifle / Storm Rider
Build 9: Revolver / Big Iron
Build 10: Burst Carbine / Frostbite
Build 11: SMG / Typhoon
Build 12: Sniper Rifle / Treachery
Build 13: Battle Rifle / Arson
Build 14: Assault Rifle / Predator
Build 15: Shotgun / Fire Storm
Build 16: Carbine / Verglas
Build 17: Lever-Action / ThunderLust
Build 18: PDW / Punishment Distributing Weapon
Build 19: Grenade Launcher / Softball
Build 20: Assault Shotgun / Riot
Build 21: LMG / Life Melting Gat
Build 22: Rocket Launcher / Heatwave
Build 23: AGL / Angry Guy Liquidator
Build 24: Plasma Cannon / Discharge
Build 25: Burst Cannon / Morningstar
Build 26: Scatter Cannon / Weapon-name (Not Finished)
Build 27: Vulcannon / Shredder
Build 28 and so forth does nothing.

-=The Equip Command!=-
Ever the elusive one, this one is. I barely use it myself, though could be fun making 
Ninja 2.0 with it, or just custom starter cards in general!

Equip 0: ROCK/ROKK.
Equip 1: Frag Grenade
Equip 2: Stim Shot
Equip 3: Jump Kit
Equip 4: C4
Equip 5: Ammo Pack
Equip 6: Health Pack
Equip 7: Phase Kit
Equip 8: Laser Cannon
Equip 9: Kunai
Equip 10: Laser Wire
Equip 11: Grapple Wire
Equip 12 does nothing and so on so forth

-=The Melee Command!=-
Funnily enough, never knew this existed. Thanks to Sharker for the info 
though about this.

Melee, spawns melee weapons to bash people’s frontal lobes in. Real party pleaser.
With the new stagger system also, you can send them packing!

Note: Press I On your keyboard while you have a melee weapon besides your fists, and 
you can replay the animation of you first picking up the weapon. There’s plans to 
extend this to normal weapons also, but Melee weapons are the only ones you can do
this with. It also has some functional use, as Pressing I allows you to see the 
durability of your brain-basher.

Melee 0: Your Fists.
Melee 1: Pipe
Melee 2: Knife
Melee 3: Tomahawk
Melee 4: Spear
Melee 5: Katana

-=The Misc Commands!=-
So, everything important to get their own section is out of the way however theres 
still a couple more important commands that ya might seem fun to mess around with. 

Grant: (Number Goes here.). Gives you sweet sweet moola aka money.

Noclip: Its Noclip! You can fly around and take your cool screenshots while being shot at! 

Toggle: Toggles the HUD off and on! Great for videos like those cool PSA videos 
The Sun is my son is making.

Psst, go watch those PSA’s please. They’re amazing.

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