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  Hints and Tips for: Gnosia 
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 Gnosia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Ginaís 4th Note:
Written by HAWAIIANpikachu

You can get it after a reboot. Itís weird that some people are like 
at 200+ loops and havenít gotten it even with the bug. There might 
be some more issues but the only thing I can really suggest is for 
the best chances.

She needs to catch a liar.

* Reboot game.
* At start of game, Cover Gina and then use Say youíre human so she 
  can attempt to find a lie.
* Repeat this enough/or altf4 and reload enough and soon you should 
  find it.

In details
* Comet has to be alive, as well as whatever liar she (Gina) spotted.
* Gina has to be alive and somewhat trust you (Probably check in on 
  her the first day you can to see how she views you.).
* Gina has to be human (doesnít matter exactly what).

An idea for everyone who still doesnít:
* Have ~3 Gnosia, and all players and roles avaliable 
  (including bug and AC).
* Pick to be an Engineer.
* First Day Ė Ask Guard Duty to step forward, Ask Doctor to step 
  forward, Reveal yourself as Engineer, Cover Gina, Have Everyone 
  say their human. Vote for any not named Gina.
* Visit Gina (even if Event isnít showing) and investigate her. If 
  Gnosia, start a new loop. If she dies, start a new loop. If sheís
  human, continue through day 2. Throw a cover at her and/or try 
  and collabrate with her.
* Go through day 2, trying to keep Gina alive.
* Midphase 2 check if event is appear. If itís not, alt-f4 and open 
  up game, repeat to see if itíll appear.

How to Trigger Events:
Some events like Sha-Mingís 4th event and Ginaís 4th event (and some
 command events as well) wonít trigger if you keep the game up for 
too long; only way is to keep reload/restart(doesnít reset your game 
data dw) until they trigger.

Otherwise the events should occur normally as you keep playing. Some 
events may fail if you fail to complete the objective.

For example, some events require you and setsu to both survive till 
the end(which instead of using event finder, you can abuse the settings 
by changing yourself to guardian angel). I normally use guardian angel
(or gnosia, if you are not required to be crew, so you can control who 
dies) for events that require me to keep someone alive till the end.

For me the protect events actually returned pretty quick as long as I 
used similar settings. It should return within a few runs.

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