Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket 
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 Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket Cheats

Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket

Submitted by: imram azmam

When flipping the coin on toss, press 1 after the hand throws it in the air. 
You will then win the toss.

Savegame Cheat:
Here's a little editor cheat you can use on your save-game files to  boost the 
amount of  runs you have  scored.  This cheat will boost  your  total  up  to 900.
If you understand  hexadecimal notation,  however, you could  set it to any amount 
up to 999.
Be careful though, if you set it to 999, for example, then score another run in the 
proper way, the game can't handle a 4 digit # (1000) so it  goes weird, no showing 
any recogniusable number at all. I suggest you just leave  it at 900, score  a few 
runs in the proper  method, then  declare at about 950  and have a go at bowling them 

Anyway, to get the cheat to work, start a new game, complete one over as the batting side, 
save you game as CHEAT, then quit back to DOS.  Now, load a hex-editor  such as NU and 
pop-up the  file CHEAT000.SAV.  Using the  numbers in  the top-right hand corner, guide  
yourself to file  offset 50, hex 32, and  change the data you find there to 84 03. Easy!


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