Grand Slam Hunting - North American 29 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Slam Hunting - North American 29 
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 Grand Slam Hunting - North American 29 Cheats

Grand Slam Hunting - North American 29

Submitted by: rickHH

Grand Slam Regions - Arizona:  
Stalking the hills and canyons is the preferred hunting 
method for this diminutive whitetail. With the rough 
terrain and the elusive nature of the Coues, youíll need 
to take advantage of all daylight hours to locate bedding 
and feeding grounds. Couesí small size and agile gait easily 
distinguishes them from mule deer or pronghorn in the area. 
A good pair of binoculars is essential for locating Coues 
in this uniform terrain. A .243 rifle or recurve bow should 
suit your needs. 

Desert mule deer are gregarious animals, often forming 
large herds of mixed sexes. With their desert-like coloring, 
they can often rest comfortably under a tree where they remain 
nearly invisible. For this reason, stalking and still hunting 
are the preferred method of hunting muley. Stalking is best 
done early in the morning as herds move from feeding to bedding 
grounds. You may have to take some long range shots, so make 
sure to sight your rifle and use a high velocity cartridge. 

Although challenging, stalking is the most rewarding 
method of hunting pronghorn. Good optics are necessary 
and hunters must remain completely out of sight of their 
game for a successful kill. A rifle with a flat trajectory, 
good shocking power, and long-range capabilities is your best 
choice. Be absolutely certain of your shot; many pronghorn 
can run a full mile or more when mortally wounded and valuable 
time can be lost tracking. 

Desert bighorn are gregarious, but separated by sex. Rams 
tend to stay with other rams of the same age, so one trophy 
status ram means that another is probably nearby. Patience 
and a good pair of binoculars are a sheep hunterís best 
friend. Carefully glass any rough cliffs or crags, desert 
bighorn like to bed down where they can view the area around 
them. Because youíll likely be taking most of your shots from 
a distance, quality optics and a high velocity, flat trajectory 
rifle are your best choice.
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