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  Hints and Tips for: Green Hell 
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 Green Hell Cheats

Green Hell

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Survival Guide:
Written by Owlie

-=Survival: How to Not Die=-
* Build a Hut as soon as you can so you can safe your game. 
* Don't drink unsafe water (even if you're dying of thirst), its way harder 
  to cure dystentry than dehydration. 
* Leave out coconut havles in the open so when it rain, it will collect the 
  rainwater (the rainwater is safe and drinkable). 
* If something leads to your death, don't do it again. 
* Manage your sanity, keep it above by eating cooked meat and resting in 
* Make an axe as soon as you start the game. 
* You can harvest large rock by right clicking it for more option. 
* Cut off plants (not banana or palm) and leave the leaves the dry off 
  into usable tinder. 
* Do not EVER Cannibalize on your fellow human, and don't even think about 
  making bone soup out of human bone. 
* Don't throw away rotten food, there might be edible grubs that you can 
  find by harvesting rotten food. 
* You're not a cow, don't eat leaves. 
* If it looks poisonous, it probably is (Congrats on having functional
* Watch out for your sanity, Its don't starve tier and can actually spawn
  monster that will kill you. 
* Don't poke the wasp nest, don't poke the ant nest either. 
* Remeber the small valley shown in developer survival guide, look for it 
  because its the safest place in the entire game. 
* Inspecting body while your inventory is open will highlight any disease, 
  especially useful for finding leech. 
* Do not fight the leopard, the meat is not very nutritious and the game 
  hasnt provided the option to make armor yet.

-=Crafting Guides=-
Includes current recipes and hidden ones.

-=Tools & Weapon=-
Stone Blade: Small Stone 2x.
Stick Blade: Small Stick 2x + Small Stone + Rope.
Stone Axe: Wood Stick + Stone blade + Rope.
Stone Axe (simple): Wood Stick + Small Stone.
Blade Axe: Wood Stick + Stone blade 3x.
Weak Spear: Long Stick.
Stone Spear: Long Stick + Stone blade + Rope. 
Bone Axe: Wood Stick + Bone 2x + Rope. 
Bone Spear: Long Stick + Bone + Rope.
Obsidian Axe: Obsidian + Wood Stick + Rope.
Obsidian Spear: Obsidian + Long Stick + Rope.
Four Pronged Spear: Long Stick + Small Stick 2x + Rope.
Bamboo Spear: Bamboo.
Weak Torch: Wood Stick + Rope.
Torch: Wood Stick + Rope + Tree Resin (from white petrified tree).
Bow: Long stick + Rope.
Arrow: 2 Bird feather + Small stick.

-=Medicines & Food=-
Leaf Bandage: Molysomething leaf.
Ash Dressing: Leaf Bandage + Ash from campfire remains.
Antivenom Bandage: Leaf Bandage + Tobbaco Leaves.

Done by right clicking harvestable objects.

Fiber (for tinder): Various herbs including tobbaco.
Small Stones: Large Stone.
Larva: Rotten vegetatives.

-=Amazonian Cookbook=-
The Ultimate Bone Soup (Making Soup in General)

Create a Small Campfire.
Drag or put coconut halves (aka. coconut bowl) on one of its two slot.
Make sure it's filled with water.
Drag a piece of bone into the bowl.
Turn on the campfire.
Wait until it is boiled, then feel free to consume it.

-=Boiled Water=-
1 Coconut canteen full of water.
Put 2 coconut bown on each side of the campfire for maximum effectiveness.
Pour the water to each of the bowl.
Boil for a few minutes.
Use a second coconut canteen if you want to collect the water.

-=Antivenom Infusion=-
1 Bowl of water.
1 Purple flowered/heart leaved herb or Tobacco leaves.
Boil for a few minutes.

-=Fever Infusion=-
1 Bowl of water.
1 Amara Flower (big bush with red flower).
Boil for a few minutes.
Will instead give you more fever because of a bug.

-=Antiparasitic Infusion=-
1 Bowl of water.
1 Cup shaped musroom.
Boil for a few minutes.
Kill more parasite than if eating the shroom raw.

-=Missable Items=-
* Obsidian: Found of any cavern, highest tool damage, best used to make weapons.
* Ash & Charcoal: Obtained from burnt off campfires.
* Honey: You get that by breaking wasp nest from a distance, adds good amount 
  of sanity.
* Bidon (Modern Canteen): Can be found by following a dirt road with tire marks, 
  one way leads to a runoff jeep with the bidon near the crash, another way 
  leads to jaguar nest. 100 water capacity.
* Machette: Unknown.
* Rusty Machette: In some sort of abandoned drug den next to a grill.
* Metal Pot: Also in said drug den.
* Wooden Spoon: Usually found alongisde the metal pot.

Cheat Codes and How to Use Them:
Written by Blight

This guide will teach you how to enable the debug mode and use cheat codes like 
godmode, spawning items, spawning creatures and even how to unlock the story 
mode before the official release.

-=How to Enable Debug Mode=-
Right click the game in your Steam library and select "Properties".
A window will open. Select the "Local Files" tab.
Click the "Browse Local Files..." button and wait for your explorer to open.
Open the following path: GH_Data/Resources.
Create the following folder structure scripts/Debug in the "Resources" folder.
In the created "Debug" folder create a file called "DEBUG" 
(empty .txt file without extension .txt).

-=Main Menu Cheats=-
U - Unlock story mode.
L - Show fake loading screen.
K - Hide fake loading screen.

-=In Game Cheats=-
F1 - Show debug menu: Item.
F2 - Show debug menu: Scenario.
F3 - Show debug menu: Spawners.
F4 - Show debug menu: Skills.
F5 - Show debug menu: AI.
F6 - Show debug menu: Wounds.
F7 - Show debug menu: Dialogs.
F9 - Show debug menu: Log.
L-CTRL - Show coordinates in upper right corner.
NUMPAD + - Forward time (1 hour).
NUMPAD - - Backward time (1 hour).
NUMPAD / - Increase game speed.
L-CTRL	+ M - Toggle godmode (Unlimited health and stamina).
L-CTRL +	U - Complete notebook (Crafting, Item infos, Injuries, ...).
NUMPAD ENTER - Forward time (10 hours).
L-CTRL	+ O - Show statistics.
; - Start trailer.
= - Toggle rain.
- - Unlock cursor.
R-ALT	+ K - Kill all creatures.
L-ALT	+ L - Give all creatures 10 damage.
I - Spawn item (select in item debug menu).
NUMPAD 0 - Spawn creature (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 2 - Spawn creature as hallucination (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 3 - Spawn creature as idling (select in AI debug menu).
NUMPAD 1 - Play dialog (select in dialogues menu).
Z - Spawn enemy wave.
F8 - Finish all Blueprints.
R-CTRL	+ H - Toggle HUD.
NUMPAD 9 - Save game.
NUMLOCK - Decrease game speed.
PAUSE - Pauses the game without opening the pause menu.
L-ALT	+ ` - Kill the player.
L-ALT	+ L-SHIFT	+ ` - Damage the player (25 points).
\ - Add injury.
BACKSPACE - Damage the player with claws (30 points).
V - Show diving mask.
B - Show biohazard mask.
L - Start goldmine dream.
R-ALT	+ F - Put fire in hand.
F10 - Open crafting manager.
F11 - Put item in hand into backpack.
R-ALT	+ J - Pass out.
L-SHIFT +	5 - Save location.
L-SHIFT	+ 6 - Teleport to saved location.
, - Attach worms.
" - Attach leeches.
PAGE UP - Increase sanity by 5.
PAGE DOWN - Decrease sanity by 5.

What is the debug mode?
Its a mode made by the developers of the game to test certain features quickly.

Can I get banned?
No :)

Crafting and using a Chest:
Chests can be used for storing excess weapons and items; they can be easily 
looted by other players. It takes a while to craft a chest; you may want to 
build a [Shelter] first, and place your chests in itís vicinity.

* First youíll need to find or craft an Axe
* Cut down a large tree with your Axe for some [Wooden Log]s
* Logs from certain small trees cannot be cut into planks
  Cut the Logs into 8 [Wooden Planks]
* Youíll need some Rope, you can craft 2 [Tree Bark Rope]s from the Wooden 
  Sticks dropped from the tree you cut down
* Craft the [Wooden Box]
* It will be placed somewhere randomly around you, itís unclear whether it  
  can be moved.
* To store items in the Chest, you have to drag them onto the Chest in the 
  Vicinity panel.
* To retrieve items from the Chest, drag them from the Chest within the 
  Vicinity panel.

Medicinal Plants:
* Banana Leaves: You can also make bandage out of it (But you actually canít yet, 
  but we just want to remind you that the developer intended for you to be able 
  to make banana leaf dressing).

* Molineria leaves: Can be made into bandage, know by its yellow flower, is 
  easier to find by looking for its distinctively shaped leaves.

* Tobacco Leaf: Cure venom if made into bandage or stewed.

* Quassia Amara flower: (looks like cassava plant but has spear shaped flower): 
  Used for fever reducing stew. A famous decodition against malaria 
  (once it gets into the game).

* Heart leafed purple flowered herb: Cure venom like tobacco plant but can only  
  be eaten or stewed. Its common name is Plantain Lily or specifically for this 
  peculiar herb: wide brimmed hosta.
* Water Lily Flower: Found on small blue ponds, cure food poisoning.

Story Mode Walkthrough:
Written by Owlie

* At the start of the game, just do what you usually do. Make some tools and stuff.
* Go up the river for a bit and you'll see a village.
* Find a bowl and cook up the recipe shown in your notebook.
* The bark can be found literally few meters behind the bowl, in a large tree 
  where you usually find blue shroom.
* You'll find the red-green herb (psychotria). Now worries, this herb appears literally 
  everywhere except for when you're actually looking for it.
* Cook up those ingredients at the bowl and drink it.
* Go to the coordinate (A-2).
* Realize you cant reach it, find the grappling hook.
* Find the crashed jeep and pick up the jerrycan.
* Find the elevator cave, fuel the generator, go down.
* Optionally pick up a bag of gold.
* Pick up the grappling hook there.
* Go back to the marked map area (A-2).
* Find a "stonehenge", make another brew and drink it.
* Go trough the very familiar snake camp.
* Go east till you find a climbing spot (coordinate is: 32'W;25'S).
* Look for a clearing.
* Fix the radio by following the yellow cable.
* Pick up the key near the radio after using the radio.
* Follow the blue cable and pick up the climbing gear.
* Follow the coordinate (C-1) south-east from the airstrip and slide down.
* Pick up the diving gear and go trough the underwater cave.
* When you're up, go south-east again to a small sinkhole and slide down again.
* Not much diving this time, just go trough the cave till you reach a swamp.
* (Optional) Follow the coordinate marked as Omega (this part is optional but 
  essential for the good ending).
* (Optional) Find a mossy tent, interact with the zipper to enter it.
* (Optional) Pick up the infected blood sample and put it into the machine.
* (Optional) Go find 2 tobacco and 2 bandage, prepare 2 tobacco bandages.
* (Optional) Pick up a poison dart frog (with your hand). You will be instantly poisoned 
  once you pick it up so immediately bandage your arm with that tobacco bandages (twice).
* (Optional) Sleep in the adjacent tent that has beds to pass off the fever.
* (Optional) Go back to the Zippered tent, put the live frog into the sample, and pick 
   up THE CURE.
* Follow the coordinate marked as A-1.
* Make the third brew, drink em', walking-sim em', don't forget to pick up the grappling 
  gun once you're done.
* Try to reach Coordinate H and enjoy the surprise.
* Keep going down till you find a trunk bridge that somehow got there all of the sudden.
* Keep going till you reached coordinate Psi.
* Make the brew the fourth time.
* Win.

-=Cave Shroom Sidequest=-
* Get to the point where you reached the biggest village with the 4th ritual bowl.
* Dont use the bowl yet, instead go to coordinate 34'W;34'S.
* Go trough the cave till you reach 32'W;32S and pick up the cave mushroom.
* Ask me what's the point!
* Ask me what's it for!
* Ask me why it's there!

Psychotria related.

Drinking Water:
All in all, sustaining yourself in the jungle is very important. Fortunately, there 
are a lot of sources of drinking water everywhere, so you will have at least that one 
in abundance. Never ever drink dirty water or you will get sick. If you can't find 
drinking water around, then take a coconut and cut it in half. Leave the two halves 
on the ground near your shelter, and when it's going to rain the halves will collect 
the rainwater, which is good for drinking. This way, you will always have drinking 
water around. 

-=How Do I Manage Sanity?=-
You should keep your sanity up by at least 80% to make sure that you wont even start 
hearing voices. At lower than 50% sanity, those tribal hallucination will start 
spawning and acutally deals damage to you. 

Things to do: 
* Eating well roasted meat. 
* Staying near fire. 
* Sleeping in a good quality bed. 
* Taking off leeches. 

Things you should not do: 
* Eating insects. 
* Leaving diseases untreated, especially worms and leech. 
* Sleeping without shelter.

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