Half Life - Point of Origin Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Half Life - Point of Origin 
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 Half Life - Point of Origin Cheats

Half Life - Point of Origin

For infinite Acid Spit: 
First go to tank containg the Reaper and 3 head crabs and fire 
at second control panel to left with the 'Shock gauntlets' a 
scientist with a pink tie will shout "What is that thing doing 
it might have shorted out the whole system,get that thing back 
in its cage immeidiatly!" 2 scientist will then drag you back 
to your cage but you should slash to stop them, now follow the 
signs to the morgue, you are there you will see a scientist 
being attacked by a reaper and a security guard trying to shoot 
the 3 head crabs don't interveine as the security guard will 
miss all the head crabs and shoot control panel (stand well 
away as it will expode killing the security guard and the 
head crabs) then you will notice a morgue draw slightly open 
slash it and a disected alien will fall out feed off of it and 
this will give you full health and acid armour and 
infinite acid spit.
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