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  Hints and Tips for: Half Life - Opposing Force 
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 Half Life - Opposing Force Cheats

Half Life - Opposing Force

Cheat Codes:
Load game with the hl.exe -dev -console -game gearbox command line. 
Press ~ during game play and enter one of the following console commands 
to activate the cheat function. 

Effect                         Code 
All weapons and ammunition   - impulse 101  
God mode                     - /god 
No clipping and flight modes - /noclip  
Level select                 - /map   
Spawn item                   - /give   
Enemies ignore you           - /notarget

These codes are to be used with the /map cheat:
Submitted by: Thomas


Level selext:
Map Names for /map above

Weapon select:
/GIVE WEAPON_X - give weapon X, where X equals:


Get a gun at the beginning of the level:
At the beginning of the level where you reach the security guard, find a
chair. It is easily moved. Move it to the door that he will open for you,
and get him to open it. Slide the chair in between the doors, and it will
not close. This may take a few tries. Go out, take the crowbar, charge it
up until you reach the same security guard, and hit him until he explodes.
Then, get his pistol with the laser sight and continue the game.

Spawn Grunts:
Enable cheat mode, then use the impulse 76 code to activate the Grunt-O-Matic.
A message to start a new game in order for it to work will appear. If you want
to continue where you currently are, just quicksave, then quickload the game.
Once you have quickloaded, type in the code again to spawn a Grunt. 
Note: You must have the nocliping code on before you spawn the grunt because 
he will be spawned close to you. If this is not done, a message stating that 
the monster spawned is stuck in a wall may appear and the game will end. Do
not spawn the Grunt in a closed position or the same message will appear. 
The Grunt you spawn will see you as a hostile. To have more fun, use the 
/notarget code and spawn a number of grunts to do your alien hunting. 
The Grunts you spawn will look like the Grunts from the original Half-Life.

Hidden audio:
Approach the Boss of Opposing Force to hear backwards audio composed of the
phrase "To win the game you must kill me Randy Pitchford" when played correctly.
Randy Pitchford is the leader of the development team at Gearbox Software. 

Original levels:
You can play all the Half-Life levels that Gordon Freeman went through as
Adrion Shepard, but in the lab none of the scientists will talk to you.

* Save your ammo! If you can take out an enemy with the wrench, use it 
  instead of unloading a clip.

* Maintain control of the medic; if you "release" him, other grunts will 
  yell for medical assistance and they'll take the medic's supply of shots,
  eaving you with nothing.

* You can only use the Barnacle on organic materials--these are usually 
  green, with small lumps. Latch onto them and climb away! 

Playing Half-Life differently: 
Submitted by: Mike

Select a custom single-player game like "They hunger" or "Opposing Forces".
Then use the console and type "map c1a0", now you should play Half-Life as 
a different person, use all weapons code to get the customs game's weapons.
Also, in the case of They Hunger, the characters will look different.

Submitted  by:  German Sargeant

Just like the Spawning grunts,go in the console during the game and 
type in impulse 76 then exit console and quick save game and quick load it 
again.Then type it in again. you will have the Grunt in front of you! make 
sure you have /god mode on,and Notarget on because they will see you as a 
Hostile.So have some fun watching them attack and die at a huge monster/boss. 
The Grunts are the ones from Half-Life Original.They won't Follow you. 
And if you have this cheat. Go in console and type in /map c1a0.Then you 
go to Sector B where Freeman is. you will have no weapons yet so type in 
impulse 101 till you get every thing and ammo. Have Fun!

By: Mustafa

Shoot the engineer's gas tank from behind him and it will explode!
but be sure to be a good distance from him or you will be killed!
you can do this several times.

Submitted by: jaidev shastri

1 the best way to kill a zombie is to shoot the separating point of 
  the head-crab & the body(the best weapon is a shotgun).

2 the best method to kill any monster is to shoot its head other than the body.

3 the best method to kill your enemy is by using a pipe wrench.the pipe
  wrench's pressure increases when you hold right mouse button 

Hidden programmer message:
At the end of the game while G-man is talking to you in the helicopter, enable 
the chase_active 1 code to go into third person view. Then, look up through the 
roof of the helicopter. Printed on the sky will be a hidden programmer message 
which reads, "Hack hack hack, all day long. Hack hack hack, while a sing 
this song." (referring to the fact that you will be currently cheating at 
this moment).

Valve reference:
Enable the brightness 9999999999999 code and go to map of3a4. After the part 
where you save the scientist in the clean suit and he lets you through the 
first locked door, there will be a room with three fish tanks. 
The middle one will be cracked open. Climb up through it and into the dark 
crawlspace with all the Xen monsters in it. On the walls will be the Valve 
corporation printing.

Valve, Steam, and Gearbox references: 
Go to map of4a4. This is the map with the Pit Worm. Notice that in order to 
flush the radioactive waste, which kills the worm, you must first complete 
several tasks. These include opening the Steam vents, the Valves, and activating 
the Gearbox. These are the names of the major corporations which created the 

See Shepard:
Successfully complete the game and wait until the credits are over. 
After the screen turns black, enable the brightness 9999999999999 code to see Shepard.

Redo the sniper course:
During boot camp, shoot the trainer and you will start again at the beginning of the 

Give any gun the magnification of a sniper rifle:
Save with the gun you want to be magnified. Then, switch to the sniper rifle and turn 
on the scope. While the scope is on, load the previous save.

Vortigaunts on the Hazard Course: 
After getting the Displacer on Xen, use the secondary fire before you go through the 
portal to Earth. You will be warped to the Crouch-Jump section of the Hazard Course, 
where one Vortigaunt will attack the holographic instructor. On the other side of the
room is a second Vortigaunt and a shotgun. 
The portal exit is in a corner of the observation room.

Valve, Steam, and Gearbox references:
Go to map of4a4. This is the map with the Pit Worm. Notice that in order to flush 
the radioactive waste, which kills the worm, you must first complete several tasks. 
These include opening the Steam vents, the Valves, and activating the Gearbox. 
These are the names of the major corporations which created the game.

Easter Egg - Doom Reference:
Submitted by: Nitro

I looked around and no-one saw this! On the level with the black ops firing the mortar 
gun at you, go into the hallway you would to get to it, and look at its sign "B-972FG" 
or something similar. BFG is the name of the best weapon in DOOM 1 & 2!

Secret place:
Submitted by: megagame

Start a new game. in the helicopter wait for the commander (the black beret)
to say `do you have a problem private Then press the button on the left side of number 
one in your keyboard and type sir yes sir` and then you will be dropped from the 
helicopter and you will fall in to a secret place... an amusmentpark

See Gman:
Submitted by: Guy

Glitch Teleport To The Area Near Where Gordon Freeman Was At Then Go Back And Use 
The Elevator Then Whwn You Go Up You Will See Gman You Cannot Talk To Him and You 
Cannot Push Him The only Thing He'll Do IS Straighten He's Tie.

Stupid Soldiers:
Submitted by: Guy

If You Kill A Engineer By Shooting The Gas Tank On The Back Of Him While Any Soldier 
Is Looking They Will Still Talk To You.

Easter egg list:
The game contains a multiple easter eggs. 

* When you meet the final boss, you hear him grunting some weird words. These have 
a meaning, but they have to be played backwards. Record the sound in-game with a 
tool like Total recorder or open the pak0.pak file with PakExplorer to extract the 
file dsbossit from the directory Misc. When played backwards, you’ll hear the boss 
say “To win the game, you must kill me, Randy Pitchford. This is a reference to 
DOOM II which had a similar easter egg.

* There's a computer in the room where you meet Otis for the first time that looks 
like it's running MS Windows. If you use the keyboard five times, the computer will
crash to the infamous BSOD (blue screen of death).

* In the first level after the crash, a zombie throws a scientist through a window.
If you run around the zombie into the lab, you'll see a computer with an ultrasound
image. That ultrasound is of Randall Steward Pitchford III, the son of Randy Pitchford
(the leader of Gearbox Software who developed Opposing Force). He was born on January 
8, after the game shipped!

* If you use the self-teleporting alt. fire of the displacer while you're still on 
Xen (right after you first get the weapon), you'll be taken back to the hazard course
on Earth. On the corkboard on the wall there's a picture of Gearbox designer, Rob 
Heironimus. He's got easter egg shells in his eye sockets!

* During gameplay, bring down the console and type "haiku" (without the quotes), 
the game will treat you a strange poem (a random generated Haiku from the opfor.dll 

* The game contains a parody on The Beating of a High School Janitor song by Adam
Sandler. When talking to the G-man after finishing the game, you're frozen. First 
type "chase_active 1" in the console, then type in "thirdperson". Look up and you'll
see a texture with this poem: "HACK HACK HACK / ALL DAY LONG / HACK HACK HACK / WHILE
I SING / THIS SONG." The song originally started with "MOP MOP MOP".

* Start the "boot camp" and type /noclip in the console to walk through walls. Go 
straight through the floor then and you reach a room with the hidden message 
"DMM 1999". DMM 1999 refers to David Michael Mertz 1999, the creator of the bootcamp.

* Just like in Half Life where the names of some developers were put on the lockers,
the Opposing Force developer's names are also in certain places. At the start of 
the boot camp level, look at the names on the boxes beside the beds.

* Go to the level Vicarious Reality. After you see that holographic thing of Walter
talking about barnacles, you will enter a freaky dark hallway with glass stuff 
containing alien beings. They are all labeled with an ID number and are perfectly
safe, except for 007. He escaped from his glass prison. If you've ever seen James
Bond, which you probably have, you know that James ALWAYS escapes.

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