Halloween Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Halloween 
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 Halloween Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Press "~" to open the console and enter one of the following commands: 

Code           Result
god         - Toggle God mode 
version     - Return game version 
map         - Load another map (see further on for possible maps) 
mapcomplete - Mark the map as completed (putting you at the next map) 
noclip      - Toggle walking through obstacles 
respawn     - Toggle monster from respawn 
monster     - Turn monsters off 
developer   - Toggle developer mode 
record      - Start recording a demo 
stoprecord  - Stop recording a demo 
play        - Play a recorded demo 
stopplay    - Stop playing a recorded demo 
musictrack  - Change the current playing musictrack 
prestrack   - Last music track played 
drawface    - Toggle drawing of texture faces 
drawtris    - Draw the map sections 
drawgun     - Toggle the drawing of weapons held 
drawone     - ? 
drawportal  - Toggle Outlining of portals and doors 
drawnormal  - toggle Draw wall normals 
pview       - Toggle 3rd person or static view 
drawbound   - Toggle highlighting of bound objects 
drawcell    - Toggle highlighting of individual cells 
fov         - Change the field of view 
jumpstep    - Change the jumpstep value 
groundacc   - Accelleration speed on ground 
groundslow  - Slowing speed on ground 
gravity     - Gravity 
exit        - Quit the game 
maxspeed    - Maximum moving speed 
airacc      - Acelleration in the air 
airslow     - Slowing in the air 
soundsys    - change current used sound system 
bombslow    - Speed at which bombs slow 
musicvol    - Ingame music volume 
soundvol    - Ingame sound volume 
autoswitch  - Toggle autoswitch weapons mode 
fullscreen  - Toggle between full screen or windowed mode 
colordepth  - Change the current bitdepth 
videomode   - Change the current videomode 
bms         - Change bms? 
bmd         - Change bmd? 
statutbar   - Toggle the HUD display 
animspeed   - Animation speed 
lightmap    - Toggle lightmapping 
cullface    - Toggle backface culling 
renderent   - Toggle rendering of entities 
directstart - Toggle direct start? 
eps         - Change eps? 
offset      - Change offset? 
leaf        - Change leafs? 
noscript    - Toggle the scripting in the engine on or off 
resetgame   - Reset internal game state 
saveconfig  - Save current config to file 
loadconfig  - Load config from file 
picmip      - Change amount of offset pixels during mipmapping 
gamma       - Change gamma 
drawfsp     - Show framerate, set to 1 to turn on 
invertmouse - Invert mouse control 
cvel        - Change cvel? 
pvel        - Change pvel? 
prvel       - Change prvel? 
plook       - Change plook? 
killdepla   - Amount of Depla's killed 
killmorba   - Amount of Morba's killed 
killzeubat   - Amount of Zeubat's killed 
killsubzerat - Amount of Subzerats killed 
killzemummy  - Amount of Zemummy killed 

Possible maps to use with the commands are: 

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