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  Hints and Tips for: Haluz 2 
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 Haluz 2 Cheats

Haluz 2

Level codes:

Wait for the introduction to finish and your hero to start off on his adventure. 
Then click on the lock next to the door. Then click on the raccoon hiding in the 
lamp on top of the hill. Click on the cord to turn on the light. The code for the 
lock shows up under the light on the door. Punch in the code and then turn the 
Click on the light switch next to the door. Turn it to the right to move the bat 
to the right. Turn it back to the left to get the bat to come back. Take the hook
up next to the bat and attach it to it. Turn the light switch back the other way 
to move the bat again. Click on the basket to jump across.

Wait a few moments, then click on your hero to 'pollute' the water. Wait some more 
for the flowers to grow and expose the man in the mountain. Click on the left most 

Take the pine cone out of the man in the mountains mouth and place it under the 
clock as a counter weight. Click on the clock face until the horse starts coming 
out (4 o'clock). Your hero will jump on and disappear.

Click on the walkman the old shaman is listening to. Click on the bottom right 
music code to make him float (looks like an alpha symbol to me). Turn the volume 
up to make him float higher. Click on his beard to get the key to drop out. Put 
the key in the lock to get your hero out in his flying boat.

Enjoy the scenery.
To get the snake to let you go, turn on the water (right side, red knob). Turn 
the left wheel on the pump (bottom middle of scene). Turn right wheel, then turn 
the left wheel again. Then click the pump. Turn the left wheel again to release 
the bees. Click on back of boat to get hero on his way.

Wait till hero stops his boat. Click on hummingbird on flower pot above. When the 
bird comes out to eat fruit, click on plants with eyes above to steal it (may 
require some timing). Click on eyes again to drop fruit, dropping big bird into 
pot allowing you to move on.

Click on glass to get your hero to attempt to lift it up off of the girl. He's not 
strong enough. Halfway up on right side, there is a claw holding an orange ball. 
Click on it, then immediately click on jar below it to swing it out (requires timing) 
to get ball to drop into jar. Click on fly on far left. While it is on the mushroom, 
click on iguana (top left).

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