Hard Truck - 18 Wheels of Steel Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hard Truck - 18 Wheels of Steel 
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 Hard Truck - 18 Wheels of Steel Cheats

Hard Truck - 18 Wheels of Steel

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

This cheat will enable the console from which you can issue some cheat commands.
Open up "config.cfg" and change the following:  uset g_console "1" 
This enables the console.  
Open the console by pressing "`" (the key to the left of "1") or ~. 
Then you can use the following cheats: 

Code                            Effect
cheat truck (n)               - Change truck type, use number from 1 - 6
cheat truck (n)               - Formula One race car truck, use number 7 or 8
cheat skill (n)               - Change your skill rating from 1 - 4
cheat dmeet                   - Meet all drivers
cheat contracts flow (n1)(n2) - Gives you licensed routes at skill 1 - 4 *)
cheat money (n)               - Set the amount of money you want to have
cheat noticket                - No more speeding or overweight tickets
cheat drive time (n)          - Set delivery time from .01-1 

*) Do this for each route in the management screen. Only the 
highlighted route will be affected by this cheat The first defines for 
which route you want a contract, the second defines the skill rating.

Submitted by: Erki

Wanna drive a racing car instead of truck? Simple! Open the console and type
"cheat truck 8". Now you have a super fast formula car, but be careful cause
it's very easy to break such a fast car. I guess that you have to call 911 
often :-) You can even hook a trailer to this car, but if you are in the rest
area, don't click the button "Trucks", otherwise the game will quit.

Submitted by: robu

If you bring down the console and write "cheat truck 7" you will have a super
fast formula 1 car and you can even atach a trailer to the car. But stay avay
from the other cars because this is a very fast car and will hit all the cars
from the road. 

Traffic Cheats:
Submitted by: Aleksandar

If traffic makes you problem to get the top speed, just open the "CONFIG.CFG" with 
TEXT EDITOR (Recommended NOTEPAD), and change from uset g_traffic "1" to uset 
g_traffic "0". Now you can enjoy without any traffics!

Services cheats:
Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the "\game\usr" folder. 
Add the lines to the file

bind_imp f2 "service"
bind_imp f3 "weightstation"
bind_imp f4 "gasstation"

Now saving the file config.cfg and copy a backup of config.cfg
When you are playing, press on:
F2 to activate services window, 
F3 to open weightstation window
F4 to open gas station window

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