Harley Davidson - Race Across America Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Harley Davidson - Race Across America 
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 Harley Davidson - Race Across America Cheats

Harley Davidson - Race Across America

Cheat Codes:
The following cheats do not work in Practice Mode. 
To use them, you must type them as your name. 
You will hear an engine rev up if done correctly. 
To enter multiple cheats, after typing the cheat, 
do not press enter. Instead, backspace to the 
beginning and type either a new name or another 
cheat. Repeat as necessary.

Code        Result 
HEDGEHOG0 - Activate Cheats 
NOGAS     - Unlimited Gasoline 
CLASSIC   - 1956 KHK Bike 

The handling of a WizardWorks Harley is awful, so choose a 
bike that's strong in that area. You'll also want to use 
the same philosophy when upgrading at the bike shop: 
"grippier" tires are far more preferable than a more 
powerful engine. 

Fuel consumption is another prime concern. Fewer fuel stops 
will get you farther faster than high top speeds and quick 

The best way to turn a real-life Harley certainly isn't the best 
way to turn its virtual sibling--not in this game anyway. 
What you want to do instead is hit the brakes hard for just a 
millisecond as you get set to crank the joystick. This will slow 
your beast dramatically and instantaneously and allow you to 
corner without going off the road. 

If you manage to win a "tour" race in every state at any 
difficulty setting, you'll gain access to the locked 1956 KHK. 
With this bike, you can virtually ignore fuel stops and thereby 
smoke everything in the game, even at the highest level of 

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