Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone 
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 Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone Cheats

Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone

Cheat Codes:
Update by: harmohit
Update by: Grimdoc
Submitted by: [-=HELLCHiLD=-]

Type these codes under the game. You will need a 
little practise to get it done properly for the first time. 

Effect                  Code 
Debug mode: 
press [F7] to disable - harrydebugmodeon 
Unknown               - harrysuperkoresh 
Restores health       - harrygetsfullhealth 
Super jumps           - harrysuperjump 
Big jumps             - harrynormaljump 
beans                 - harrytriggercheat 
Invincibility         - harrykoresh 
Unknown               - harrykorwalk 
If debug mode in enabled then you can select all levels 
from the main menu.

Level select:
Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then return to the 
main menu. 

Submitted by: Laura Mccoll

In the castle grounds there are walls that are different colours 
to the normal walls click twem and get treasures.
In the dungeon there are book cases that are really thin click them 
to go to treasures.
when you go to diagon alley you see a witch to the right of Gringotts 
got to her and she will say "go away"use your Advanced Flipendo if 
you have it and you will you to a hidden palace.
When pacing the devils snare hit the light green ones first and they 
will go puff but hit a dark green and they come back.

Bertie Bott Beans:
Collect the following amount of Bertie Bott beans to 
unlock an item behind a portrait at Hogwarts. 
50 Yellow Beans: Nimbus Two Thousand
70 Blue Beans : Glove for Quidditch
80 Green Beans: Card
100 Red Beans: Advanced Flipendo 

Submitted by: Prashant Yadav-Pacific

* In Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone game When you reaches a monster
  called Fluffy and you (harry) have to use the flute to make it sleep, 
  make the two extreme side monster sleep first and then the middle one, it
  will be easier. And they shake their a bit head before hitting you (Harry).

* When you (Harry) reach the place of fight with professor quirell, you can
  defeat him by pushing the pillar on him, when all the pillar gets destructed,
  move behind the mirror, there are two sides of mirror-one can reflect back 
  the power of quirell and other side can let the power to pass through mirror
  and hit you (Harry Potter) so you can move the mirror using Flipendo spell 
  and see the quirell with his own power.

* Another thing there is basically three power quirell uses-one is Flipendo 
  to shake the pillar (the pillar won't fall on you, in any case), other is 
  two green colour spell-it includes a straight hitting spell and a chasing 
  spell, if you (Harry) run away from chasing spell for a distance, it 
  automatically finishes off. 

HarryWantMama (or Ugoringt) - Play as Ron or Professor Snape


Disabling turtles
Hit a turtle with the first spell and he just stops. Hit him with a second
spell and he will turn away. Hit him with a third spell and he will turn
up-side-down. Hit him again, when he is up-side-down and he will be pushed
away. Use this to push the turtles to places where they cannot hurt you
anymore, such as in the water or any other place where you yourself would

Get Items
If you fly at the Hogwarts seal in broomstick training, it will open. You
get 4 bertie botts, every flavour beans and a wizard card. (thanks Kadie)

Avoid Fighting
Avoid fighting Malfoy or Peeves. Right at the entrances where you have to
fight Malfoy or Peeves enable the Harrysuperjump code. You will leave the
room and then they will leave you alone.

Using Super Jump To Your Advantage On The Voldemort level
1. Hermione will lead you to the Face of Fire. Stand close to the edge of
the top stair and type in harrysuperjump. You will jump to the other side
without doing the Face of Fire.
2. Those stairs after the Face of Fire are tricky. You could fall down.
Stand on the balcony part where you saw Quirrel and type in harrynormaljump.
Jump there safely. Don't use Super Jump. It's too risky.
3. Quirrel will throw spells at you. Stand close to the balcony where he
stands so he won't hit you. Type in harrysuperjump to get to him

Hidden items:
During broomstick training fly directly at the Hogwarts seal. You will enter 
a secret room and find four Bertie Botts every flavor beans and a Wizard Card.
The beans will be quite old seeing no one has found the room since 1867.

Easy jellybeans:
Whenever you find any suit of armor and most statues, cast the Flipendo spell 
and it will give you jellybeans. With most objects you must to hit it until 
the Flipendo sign does not appear. This indicates that it has no more jellybeans.

Invisible Voldemort:
This trick only works for a certain amount of time. When you are at the location
immediately before you have to fight Voldemort, use the harrysuperjump code to 
land on top of the roof. When you jump down on the right, you can walk of near 
the mirror and he will start talking to you. When he says "Die Potter", you will 
walk back and he will then walk back to the mirror and continue correctly.

Invisible Alohomohra:
After Neville and Professor McGonnagell talk to you in Hogwarts Front 2, enable 
the harrysuperjump in front of the school and go in behind the fountain thing in
the secret room. Go to one of the corners and face the center of the room. Cast 
a spell into the center of the room and release. There should be an Alohmora. 
Face the fountain's back side and squeeze through. just as done in Hogwarts 
Front 1. 

Scatter potions:
When you get to the potions, hold [Space] during the entire dialogue and the 
potion shuffle. The potions will scatter. 

Easy level completion:
Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then press [F2] to [F6] to get to places 
closest to the end. 

Treasure chests in Incendeo challenge: 
Cast Incendeo on all the Spikey bushes. Then, climb up on the hedges and jump 
down to find treasure chests.

TO escape the Troll first select auto jump and follow the alinement of the beans 
or follow the beans and then you'll see game saving book and get it.

Escaping the Troll:
When you are trying to escape the Troll, set the "Auto Jump" option on. When you 
reach a gap in the floor, press [Jump]. You will be able to land on the other side
of the jump, even if you do not jump from where the beans lead you.

Find characters for scenes:
If you are at the place where Ron, Malfoy, his friends, and Nevil Longbottom are but 
they did not appear, use the harrysuperjump code. He will jump past the location. 
Turn around to see Malfoy, Ron, Nevil and Malfoys friends just standing there but 
not talking. You may also see Professor Magonigil over by the way to Hagrid's hut.
However, do not go in the forest. Use the harrysuperjump code then turn around and 
she will be standing there, but also will not talk.

Jump through trees:
in the caves/forest where you have to knock over the tree near the waterfall, enable 
the harrysuperjump code on the place you are standing and you will jump through the 

Defeating Professor Quirrel:
When at the part where you must move blocks in order to reach Quirrel, run towards him.
Then move to the right, near the wall, and a few feet away from the platform that he 
stands on. Enable the harrysuperjump code and you should land on the platform. 

Defeating Voldemort:
Go behind a pillar, and when it rocks, cast a Flipendo spell on it. If timed correctly, 
it will fall on him. Keep doing this and when all the pillars have been used, use the 
Flipendo spell to direct it into his green spell and it will backfire. Go behind the 
broken side of the mirror and when he tries to hit you, it will sometimes hit the cracks
and backfires.
The pillars in the room that you battle Voldemort in rock slightly to the left. Hide 
behind the pillars slightly to the left and wait for him stop casting his first round 
of spells. If you must, while you are waiting, give him full health. He will then walk
over to the left. Wait for him to start casting his spells, then use your Flipendo. It 
should hit him every time. 
Note: Once you hit him with about four of them, the final ones will explode.
Use the mirror to reflect spells from Voldermort. Make sure to be on the back side so 
that you can see him. When battling Voldemort, after using the columns to fall on him, 
go behind the cracked side of the mirror. His spells will reflect off it. When he moves,
cast Flipendo on the mirror to turn it so that you can stay behind it.
Before you go to the mirror, enable the ghost code and look for a room with Dumbledore 
and Quill. Then, use the walk code to disable the code. You will see fire. Walk towards
it and you will advance to the ending scene, and the game will consider him defeated.

Get Full Health:
Type in the following code to regain all of your health: HarryGetsFullHealth 

Get Super Jump:
To make Harry capable of leaping long and high, type in this code: HarrySuperJump 

Video From Beyond:
At the very start of the entrance (before you enter the room) to Voldemort, type 
harrysuperjump. Afterwards, Voldemort's head shows where Quirrels head normally 
would be. The only method to escape this glitch is to start again from the beginning
of that scene.

Hidden items:
When you first enter the garden after defeating Malfoy, finish talking with Hagrid 
the look for a fountain. It will be on the right side of you. Cast a spell on it to
open a secret room behind it. Collect everything in the room, then cast the spell 
again to close the room.

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