Harvester of Dreams Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Harvester of Dreams 
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 Harvester of Dreams Cheats

Harvester of Dreams

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough (Episode 1):
Written by Sekuta

-=Inside the Ship - Floor 1=-
* Look around and locate a small control panel mounted to the wall. 
  Press all switches down. The lid will open and reveal a key. 
  Pick up the key.
* Use the key with the first aid compartment. It will reveal a key panel. 
* A hint is to be found inside the door. SW, E, NE refers to directions. 
  Enter 7 6 3 OK. Leave the room.
* Walk up to the next door to your left. Take the gas mask and coins. 
  Play the gramophone if feel like it. Continue to the far end of the hallway.
* Walk up the stairs and unscrew the lens. 
* Back downstairs look behind the gambling machine and take the pipe.
* Locate the coin slot. Feed the machine with some coins to start playing. 
  You will have to continue playing the game until you are rewarded with 
  some goggles. Just maneuver the ball into the hole in the center of the plate. 
  Easy, right?
* Leave the room. Enter the stairwell through the door to your right. 
  Pick up the oil can.

-=Inside the Ship - Balloon=-
* Enter the second floor. Walk left. Enter another stairwell. 
  This will take you to the engine room. 
* Enter the engine room, walk left to the very end. Use the empty oil 
  can with the valve. Turn the valve. 
* The oil can will fill up with oil. Remove the filled oil can. 
* Leave the room and climb the stairs to your right. 
* You will face a locked door. Spill some oil onto the lever. 
  If the gas mask resides inside your inventory, the door will open. 
* You are now inside the gas filled balloon. You can tamper with the 
  control panel of the leviathan but you don’t have to. It might crash the ship.
* Look for the wrench on the machine and the axe next to one of the batteries.
* Return to the second floor.

-=Inside the Ship - Floor 2=-
* Walk up to the wooden fence. Smash the door with your axe. 
* Enter the room. Place the lens from the inventory inside the green glowing 
* The next part is a bit tricky. Go back outside and pick up the small table 
  (mute butler). Move the table towards the fence by walking backwards and 
  dropping it about a foot ahead of it. 
* Go back inside. The door will stay open for a while. Turn the sphere to 
  shift the beam towards the table. The shiny plate will deflect the ray 
  onto the yellow heat sensor mounted to the ceiling. 
* You can now take a parachute.

-=Inside the Ship - Exit=-
* Return to the first floor. Look for the exit. 
  This door looks different than the others. 
* Look up and insert the pipe where the gap is. 
  Then turn the broken valve next to it with the wrench. 
* Move on to the next room. Take the gun and shoot at the padlock ahead of you. 
* The exit door will open if you picked up the goggles and the parachute earlier. 
  You are free to leave the ship.

-=Outside the Ship=-
* Continue to the very end of the staircase. 
* Enter the concrete building. Watch out for the turrets hanging from the ceiling. 
  You can either run or shoot them down. If you get hit by one of them, you will 
  respawn at the last checkpoint. 
* Inside the red room, navigate to the center of the upper level. Look for the 
  remote in the vicinity of the TV set. 
* Take it and press the button. The glass platform will lower, revealing a door. 
* Enter the elevator and press the button labeled "2 hub”. 
* Leave the elevator and walk right. The drones are not harmful. Just pass them 
  or shoot them down. It does not really matter. Taking them down is fun though ;) 
* Walk towards the exit sign and wait for the moving platform. It will take you 
  to the next area. Press the button several times until you enter another room. 
* Look for the keys and head towards the car. 
* Take the car keys from the inventory and press it twice while standing close to 
  the car. 
* Enjoy the ending.

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