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  Hints and Tips for: Hatoful Boyfriend 
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 Hatoful Boyfriend Cheats

Hatoful Boyfriend

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bad Boy's Love route:
Complete all routes with at least one ending. Then, start a new game and 
select the "Fulfill the promise" option.

The following birds prefer the listed beans. 

Ryouta  - Calm Corn.
Sakuya  - Racing Blend.
Yuuya   - Bitter Black Beans.
Kazuaki - Country Millet.
Nageki  - Country Millet.
Okosan  - Swollen Hemp.
Shuu    - None, although Racing Blend will trigger various reactions.
Anghel  - Bitter Black Beans.

Easy "Carve It Into Your Soul, Kid! LOVE BLASTER!":
Perform the indicated tasks on the listed dates. Attend gym every day
instead of studying music or math to raise your Vitality stat as high as 

4/11: Join the track team. 
4/15: Sprint. 
4/21: Talk to Ryouta. 
5/21: Marathon. 
6/22: Go to the infirmary. 
6/22: I came here to skip class. 
7/7: Conquer the world by force. 
7/7: No thank you. 
7/20: Join in. 
7/24: Get a job. 
7/25: Do the job I was hired for. 
8/6: Invite Ryouta. 

Save the game, as each achievement requires a different path at this point.

8/24: Azami's scooter (for "Carve it into your soul, kid! LOVE BLASTER!" 
      achievement) or Azami's martial arts (for "To be the True Java Sparrow"

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