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  Hints and Tips for: Haven 
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 Haven Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Louis

-=Small Tips for Beginners=-
* You can not save the game by yourself, it will save automatically when you 
  change of area. Keep that in mind and don't quit the game before exiting 
  your current area, or it may be very frustrating.
* At the end of the game, do not take off the ship before finishing all you 
  wanted to do in the game, there is no turning back unless you made a save.
* To make a save, in the main game menu, select the third choice, where you 
  can choose your save, and copy it (X button on PS4 controller).
* Healing hug (idling while low life) can heal a great amount! In fact the 
  character with the lower life will just heal until his/her HP are the same 
  than the other character.
* So in fight you can always shield with the same and full heal him/her 
  after the fight. But shielding with a depleted one is against the shield 
  mechanics, and your character will take more damages (It's not RP and I 
  like to play RP in this kind of game!)...
* You will unlock a map at some point of the game, so donít worry!
* Take care of Oink!
* Try to give creamberry fondue to Birble.

In the settings you can enable an option allowing you to look around while 

=> In Controls => Allow camera control while gliding.

There are a lot of post meal cutscenes, so donít hesitate to take a meal in 
the Nest whenever it is possible! If you are playing RP and eating at least 
twice a day, don't worry about it!

In this game you will more XP with discussion between characters than fights. 
Meals help too.

If you want to level up (there is no need to rush levels, so really no need 
to use this trick), you can in the Nest just:


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