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  Hints and Tips for: Hawaii Harpoon 
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 Hawaii Harpoon Cheats

Hawaii Harpoon

Submitted by: David K.

* You can also use the spacebar to launch the arrow from the boat.

* Once the game is over use the left and right arrow keys to aim your
  shot then restart the game to get a good shot at the fish.

* When playing Hawaii Harpoon you shouldn't aim and shoot at a fish as
  soon as you see it. Instead, you should wait untill the last second,
  because the longer that you wait to get a fish the more chances you 
  get to catch a double/'Bonus'. Always go for a double catch rather 
  than a single or even 2 single catches, and remember double catches 
  add up points fast so get as many as possible.

* If you need a couple thousand points at the end, get the red fish.

* Before you start the game, let some fish get on the screen. When you 
  see two fish that are going to cross paths, start the game and then 
  you can begin with a bonus. The harpoon does not extend all the way 
  into the right-hand corner, so when going for the deep fish, be 
  prepared to let a few go if they get too far across the screen. 

* You can shoot fish that just disappear on the left side of the screen,
  but the points will be low. If you wait to snag a fish near the middle
  to right-hand side of the screen, then there's a better chance of you 
  getting more points, especially if they are deeper.

* If you see you are about to miss a fish, or get a red fish, pull back
  the harpoon with the space bar so he doesn't get food poisoning.

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