Hearts of Iron IV Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hearts of Iron IV 
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 Hearts of Iron IV Cheats

Hearts of Iron IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code                     Effect	
tp                     - Activates teleporting.
ale [amount]           - Adds latest equipment of desired number.
ae [amount] [name]     - Adds specific equipment of desired number.
debug_nuking           - Allows nuking any province without specific conditions.
adiplo                 - Allows usage of all diplomatic actions.
instantconstruction.   - Buildings finish in all day. Affects AI players too.
event [event id]       - Executes an event.
help                   - Shows list of all commands.
manpower               - 10 million manpower.
research_on_icon_click - Click on a technology to research.
instantconstruction    - Instant construction (also affects AI players).
ic                     - Instant construction (also affects AI players).
fow                    - Remove fog of war.
winwars                - Give 100% warscore.
adiplo                 - Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
allowdiploadiplo       - Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
ae [amount] [name]     - Add specific equipment.
pp                     - 999 politcal power.
xp                     - 999 military experience.
research all           - All research complete.
ai_accept              - AI accepts everthing you send them.
tag [country tag]      - Change playable nation.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code                                     Effect	
civilwar        - Starts a civil war in desired country.
whitepeace                   - White peace between specific countries.
add_equipment [amount][equipment name] - Add chosen equipment	
add_latest_equipment 5000              - Add 5,000 of the latest equipment in 
                                         every category.

Note: Some examples are "civilwar fascism POL" for the fascists to start a civil
 war in Poland, "civilwar democratic ITA" for the democrats to start a civil war 
in Italy, and "civilwar communism AST" for the communists to start a civil war i
n Australia.

Equipment names:
Use one of the following names with the "add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]" code:

Support Equipment
Modern Tank
Infantry Equipment III
Light Tank II
Medium Tank
Super Heavy Tank
Towed Anti-Tank
Towed Anti-Air
Towed Artillery
Rocket Artillery
Fighter I
Close Air Support I
Heavy Fighter
Tactical Bomber I
Strategic Bomber I
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