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  Hints and Tips for: Heaven and Hell 
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 Heaven and Hell Cheats

Heaven and Hell

Submitted by. David K

For as much Mana as you need simply save a game and goto the Programs Save 
Game Folder. Eg - C:Heaven and Hell - live and let DieSavegames. Your saved 
game will have its own folder. Click on this folder and open the 
file in Notepad. 

If you are playing the Good side, then change the settings under BaseState = hbsGood;
If you are playing the Evil side, then change the settings under BaseState = hbsBad; 

Find the entry that looks like this: EnergyCount = 2162; and change it to as much mana 
as you need. Save your changes, start the game and load your position.

Submitted by: conner54 
Start the game with a parameter which might look like

h_h.exe -multi

The parameters might be


Play as you want:
Submitted by: Vu Minh Tai

First, go to "Heaven and Hell\Run\Resource" find the GameSettings.txt file,
back up it first and then you can edit the file as you want but because it
was written by German so if u don't sure about what u're changing, don't
touch it.

Unlimited Mana:
Note: This procedure involves editing several game files; create a backup 
copy of the files before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"" files in the following folders: - (Good Campaign) - (Evil Campaign) 

These folders can be found in the "Maps" directory. While editing the files, 
look for the heading "BaseState = hbsGood;" if playing on the Heaven side or 
"BaseState = hbsBad;" if playing on the Hell side. 
Find the "EnergyCount =" line and change the number that follows it to set 
your mana amount. You can set it as high as "99999999". You can also set 
your opponent's Mana to "0". Note: This method of getting unlimited Mana 
works on all files located in the game directory.
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