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  Hints and Tips for: Heaven's Vault 
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 Heaven's Vault Cheats

Heaven's Vault

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Create Your Own Save File:
Written by Hokayo

This guide will show you how to manually create a save file.

This guide will show you how to manually create a save file in Heaven's 
Vault and how to use it.

Heaven's Vault features an auto-save option only and I can understand that 
because the game should be played more than once. However, in my opinion it 
can be frustrating, especially if you are a new player.

-=Why Would You Need Your Own Save Files?=-
Let's say you played for 20 hours already and made a choice that you regret. 
You can't go back. The only option you have now is to start over or finish the 
game and start New Game+. 
Same goes with accidental situations as they can happen as well.

Creating your own save files will prevent all of those situations.

-=How to Manually Create a Save File=-
After playing for some time, you will notice the information about auto-save 
in pause menu:

This information means that there is now a save file created somewhere.

What you need to do next is to navigate to your AppData folder (it's a hidden 
folder in Windows). Overall the path looks like this (you have to replace "[username]" 
with your folder's name of course):

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Inkle Ltd\Heaven's Vault 

You will notice various folders and files.

The only file that matters to you is named "heavensVaultSave". 
Copy the "heavensVaultSave" file. Create a new folder anywhere you want. 
Place the copied file there.

You've just created your own save file. Now every time you do something in game 
and think "this is a good moment to save", just repeat this process. 
Also make sure that the information in pause menu says "Last saved just now" 
before you create a save file!

-=How to Use Your Save Files=-
You now know how to create a save file. 
The next step is how to use this file.

Every time you feel like you need to go back to one of the saves you created, 
you have to replace the existing "heavensVaultSave" file in AppData folder with 
the save file that you created.

With all the important knowledge you now posses, it would be best to store all 
future save files in an organised way (that is, to your liking).

It's best to create a separate folder for every save file and name this folder
however you need. 

Since you organised your save files in a suitable way, you can finnaly breathe 
easily and play this fantastic game without the thought that you could have made
the "wrong" choice or "missed" something.

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