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  Hints and Tips for: Hedon 
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 Hedon Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To activate cheats, open the console (with ~) and type the following 
(FYI GZDoom’s console supports scrolling and ctrl+c ctrl+v): 

-=General Cheats=-
god           - makes you immune to damage and gives Zan glowy eyes
noclip        - you can clip through vertical surfaces
fly           - allows you to fly
notarget      - monsters will not attack you unless provoked
resurrect     – restores you to back to life with 100hp when dead
give all      - gives 200 armor, backpack upgrade, all weapons and ammo and 
                all inventory items that can be carried in more than one 
                (including Quest Items)
give weapons  - gives all the weapons, without any reserve ammo
give key      - where key is: IronKey, StoneKey, VineKey, AxeKey, EarthKey,
give ammo     - gives full reserve ammo (without backpack upgrade)
give health X - gives X hp (works to infinite amounts although the HUD counter 
                caps at 999)
give armor    - sets your armor value to 200 (on lowest armor quality)
kill monsters - kills every monster in the level (warning, it also kills important 
                monsters that are needed for some progress scripts, use the remove 
                actor detailed below instead)
anubis        - gives you fear aura similar to the Choker of the Beast’s effect

Remember that you can also replace give with take to have the opposite effect.

WARNING: If you use the take all command, make sure to follow up with give IsPlayer 
and give IsPlaying or some scripts will mess up.

give consumable X – where X is the quantity (leave blank if you only want 1x) 
and consumable is one of the following:

give weapon – where weapon is one of the following:
Fists (you have them by default but you can lose them via the take command)

SpikeMag (ammo)
FragfireCan (ammo)
Boltmag (ammo)
PotionLauncher (gives both toxic and acid launchers)
PotionBoxAcid (ammo)
PotionBoxToxic (ammo)
PowerShard (ammo and +3 armor)
DepletedShard X (just ammo, X is value)

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