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  Hints and Tips for: Heliopedia 
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 Heliopedia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Items Full Walkthrough:
Full Walkthrough of All Items

* Oxygen: Picked up from Asteroid Belts.
* Match Stick: Purchased from the Sun.
* Carbon Dioxide: Burn some Coal or anything else in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. 
  Also can be collected from animals breathing.
* Coal: Picked up from Asteroid Belts.
* Nitrogen: Small plants (from the “Plants” section) will produce this 
  from soil fertility.
* Ashes: Created by burning objects. Dissolve in puddles to increase fertility.
* Ice: Picked up from Asteroid Belts.
* Sand: Some animals (from the “Animals” section) will dig in the ground. 
  When they do, pick up what they produce.
* Glass: Smelted from sand.
* Iron Ore: When you drop Stones from up high, you have a high chance of getting this.
* Steel: Smelted from Iron Ore in a volcano.
* Gold: There is a small chance of getting this from dropping stones.
* Obsidian: Combine snow with still-burning Lava. (Before it extinguishes)

“Biome” refers to the line under the planet’s name.
In general, these reduce fertility and increase Nitrogen, and most can be 
created by planting seeds in puddles or water.

* Seeds: Purchased from the Sun.
* Grass: At mild temperatures and humidity, plant seeds.
* Flower: Plant seeds on grass.
* Dry Grass: Same as grass, but lower humidity. (Should be a different biome)
* Cactus: Plant seeds on dry grass.
* Moss: Plant seeds in a Swamp biome.
* Tundra Moss: Plant seeds in a Tundra biome.
* Carrot: Plant seeds on Tundra Moss.
* Fern: Plant seeds in a Rainforest biome.
* Watermelon: Plant seeds on a fern.
* Toadstool: Plant seeds on Moss.
* Bulrush: Plant seeds in a Lake biome.
* Lilypad: Plant seeds on a Bulrush.
* Algae: Plant seeds in an Ocean biome.
* Seaweed: Plant seeds on Algae.
* Arctic Cotton: Plant seeds in a Snowfield biome.
* Arctic Poppy: Plant seeds on Arctic Cotton.

In general, these turn atmospheric nitrogen back into fertility, and can be 
obtained by placing Insect Eggs in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere.When it says 
“Drop near” it means to search for an interactive option.

* Insect Eggs: Purchased from the Sun.
* Worremor: Place eggs pretty much anywhere without an interactive option 
  to get this.
* Fly: Use the interactive option to drop Insect Eggs near Animal Poop.
* Mosquito: Drop eggs near Animals.
* Spider: Drop eggs near a Bush.
* Snail: Drop eggs near Moss.
* Salamander: Drop eggs near a Stone.
* Stick Bug: Drop eggs near a Twig.
* Bee Hive: You have to plant at least 3 flowers and then some trees.
* Honey Bee: Spawns from a hive.
* Grasshopper: Throw eggs near grass.
* Snake: Drop eggs near a Fern.
* Dragonfly: Drop eggs near Bulrushes and Lilypads.
* Arctic Moth: Drop eggs near Arctic Cotton.
* Krill: Drop eggs onto a Water Planet.

In general, most of these convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. However, 
there seem to be a few that don’t.

* Tree Nut: Purchased from the Sun.
* Twiggy Bush: Plant a Nut in a low-humidity biome.
* Twig: Pulled from a fully-grown Twiggy Bush or some other trees.
* Berry Bush: Plant a Nut in a medium-humidity biome.
* Berries: Pulled from a fully-grown Berry Bush.
* Marine Bush: Plant a Nut in a high-humidity biome. 
  (A Water World)
* Apple Tree: Plant a Nut on Grass in a medium Humidity and Temperature world.
* Apple: Pulled from a fully-grown Apple Tree. 
* Willow: Plant a Nut on Moss.
* Acacia: Plant a Nut on Dry Grass.
* Palm Tree: Plant a Nut on a Fern.
* Coconut: Pull from a fully-grown Palm Tree.
* Banana: Pull from a fully-grown Palm Tree.
* Pine Tree: Plant a Nut on a small plant in a cold climate. (Arctic or Tundra)
* Cypress: Plant a Nut on small plants on a water planet. (Lake or Ocean)

In general, these require Oxygen and produce Carbon Dioxide.

* Egg: Purchased from the Sun.
* Poop: Produced by some Animals. Can be dissolved in water to increase fertility.
* Nest: Combine two Twigs together.
* From here, most of the rest require placing an Egg into a nest 
  using the interactive option.
* Rabbit: Hatch an Egg on land in medium temperatures.
* Sheep: Hatch an Egg on land in cold temperatures.
* Frog: Hatch an Egg in a Swampy biome.
* Swine: Place an Egg in a Nest near a Mud Pool.
* Capybara: Hatch an Egg in a Lake biome.
* Giraffe: Hatch an Egg in a Savannah biome.
* Brown Bear: Hatch an Egg near Honey or a Bee Hive using the prompt.
* Chicken: Hatch an Egg near Seeds using the prompt.
* Bird: Hatch an Egg in a Rainforest biome.
* Crow: Hatch an Egg in a Desert biome.
* Duck: Hatch an Egg in Bulrushes.
* Penguin: Hatch an Egg on a Frozen Planet.
* Fish: Hatch an Egg in an Ocean biome.
* Human: Progress in the game’s story until you get the Black Hole.

* Planet: Follow the game’s story. (Feed the Sun objects)
* Puddle: Created when Ice melts or when a Cloud rains.
* Cloud: Created naturally when humidity is above 0.
* Snow: Created by a Cloud in a cold biome.
* Thunder Cloud: Created by combining two Clouds.
* Mud Pool: Dissolve Sand in a Puddle.
* Stone: Created when pressure is above 2.0.
* Lava: Spewed out naturally by a Volcano.
* Ash Cloud: Spewed out by a volcano when Fertility is too high.
* Volcano: Created naturally when Fertility gets above the maximum.
* Water Planet: Created naturally when Humidity gets above the maximum.

A lot of these are created by giving objects to the Human.

* Snow Ball: Give Snow to the Human.
* Snow Man: Combine two Snow Balls with Seeds, a Carrot, and a Shawl.
* Wool: Click on a Sheep after it grows wool.
* Honey: The Bee Hive produces this naturally.
* Shawl: Give Wool to the Human.
* Shades: Give Obsidian to the Human.
* Money: Give Gold to the Human.
* Ship Hull: Give Steel to the Human.
* Glass Dome: Give Glass to the Human.
* Battery: Combine Gold with Steel. Strike it with lightning to charge it.
* Space Ship: Attach the Ship Hull, Glass Dome, and Charged Battery to the 
  Crashed Ship. Bring ??the Human to it to complete the game.

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