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 Hellgate - London Cheats

Hellgate - London

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of
the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the cheat function.

Code      Result
/FPS    - Toggle framerate display

Tricks and Tips:
1: Buying and trading items do not satisfy requirements.
2: Upon completion of a mini-game, it is best to wait for the new mini-game 
   to load up before you pickup the rewards from the last game. This way you 
   maybe be able to satisfy finding objectives immediately.
3: Add mods of different damage type on either your main weapon or an alternative 
   weapon used solely for the mini-game. Doing this will allow every kill to 
   satisfy all elemental objectives at the same time, since you only need to deal 
   damage of a certain type before killing it, not necessarily the killing blow.
4: Weapons with faster fire/swing rates generate more chances to critically hit 
   targets, decreasing the time it takes to fulfil that requirement. Add Critical 
   Chance mods to a weapon to improve your odds further!
5: For you pet lovers, pet damage does count toward damage type requirements, 
   although it is not clear if a pet crit would do the same.
6: The Hunter skill Tactical Stance is a good way to score critical hits as that 
7: When a Blademaster is using dual swords, right hand sword will make the first 
   hit. If first hit kills the monster, left hand sword will not hit, thus does 
   not satisfy "damage of type" criteria.

I advise to select from the classes of the characters of demonologist and
technologist - more easily it is played, since you help androydy or demons.

Three icon minigame:
Hellgate: London has a semi-secret minigame involving three icons in the corner 
of the HUD (just above the right side spell sphere). These three icons are selected
at random, and contain a number within them. The icon represents an action, and 
the number within that icon represents the number of times the player must perform
that action.

For example, an icon of teeth with a "12" inside means that the player must kill
12 Beast-type enemies. A biohazard icon with the number "5" inside means the player
must make 5 kills with toxic weapons. Successfully completing the criteria for that
icon reduces the number within it (so you know you're on the right track). 
Performing that action the displayed number of times will turn that icon a solid
color and "lock" it into place.

If the player completes all three icons, a tune will play, and a small amount of 
randomized, rare loot will drop from the sky. A new set of three icons is then 
"rolled," and the player can start on those challenges.

This feature is not documented either within the game or the manual. 
Presumably, the player is meant to discover it on their own.

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