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  Hints and Tips for: Hell Let Loose 
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 Hell Let Loose Cheats

Hell Let Loose

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips for New Players + Guide:
Written by Captain Aardvark

This is the ultimate beginners guide to hll, i will teach u everything u 
need to know to survive

-=Part 1. Guns=-
Guns go brrrr and kill enemies, they can also kill teammates so be careful 
who and where your shooting 
-=Part 2. Enemies=-
Never let your guard down enemies are literally everywhere, 
even right under your nose. 
* There are enemies in front of you 
* There are enemies behind you 
* There are enemies on the sides of you 
* There are enemies above you 
* and last but not least There are even enemies under you 
-=Part 3. Maps=-
* Maps are important and can change the entire feel of the game, some are in towns 
* others in trenches or woods just be prepared for anything 
  Different factions are on different maps which also changes the game alot 

-=Part 4. Factions=-
* Factions play a huge role in the game cause certain factions have better weaponry 
  then others 
* depending on map for the allies u will either have USA or USSR but the Germans 
  will always be playable 
* each faction has some guns that are better then others and some factions just suck 
  completely “america cough cough” 
* Germany has the best weapons all around but the soviet anti tank and ppsh are 
  very good too 
-=Part 5. death/kills=-
* It does not show when u get a kill unless u go to the leaderboard by pressing tab 
  then personnel status 
* this is not an arcade game so depending on the gun u can take most people out 
  in 2-5 shots 
* take in consideration most people playing are better then u at this point and 
  will kill u very fast so always stay behind cover 
* when u die which will happen alot (believe me lol) u will have to spawn at the OP 
  at the back of the map, your teams garrison or your squads outpost which they seem 
  to never build 
-=Part 6. Commander/SL=-
* Do not play as squad leader unless u have a mic and have been playing for a few weeks 

Squad Leading Guide:
Written by Porkinchaps

I will share some knowledge about squad leading!

-=The Very Basics=-
Firstly, Squad Leads are of utmost importance to the team. They communicate what 
other squads are doing and what the Commander is doing. To do this effectively, using 
your mic is the best option. The 'X' key talks in command chat. This is only accessible 
to Squad Leads and the Commander. Regular squad mates wont be able to hear anything 
that goes on in this chat, that is why you must communicate back and forth with your 
squad and other squad leads to see whats going on. The 'C' key talks in squad chat. 
Only YOUR squad can hear you, nothing else. This is effective for telling your squad 
where you want them to go, or what you want them to do. I.E., if you need supplies you 
can tell NewbSlayer9000 to go support and place supplies at Lumber Yard. So on and so 
forth. Lastly, the 'V' key is local chat. Only the people around you, excluding the 
enemy, can hear what youre saying. The farther away you get from a person, the quieter 
you'll be, and if you face away from them you'll be quieter and so will they.

-=Taking Lead=-
Secondly, do not be afraid to tell your squad what to do. There's a common mistake 
between Leading and Commanding. The Squad LEAD must be with his squad, and its expected 
that the squad must do the same. There are a few exceptions, such as if the SL and the 
supplies or engineer are going to build nodes somewhere or set up a garrison. In that 
case, the SL will need to tell the squad they are doing so, and give them an assignment 
that the SL will shortly join them in. I hate SL's that sit back and do ??? and try and 
boss their squad around. Be apart of them, joke around with them in squad chat and local 
chat. It's nice to form some sort of friendliness with anyone you can on your team. No 
one likes an ???, but if there is one in your squad, dont be afraid to kick them, or 
ignore them. Also, if your squad mates aren't listening, tell them up to 3 times what 
to do, and make sure you type it in chat. If they still dont do it, then kick them. 
Yes, it might be rude, but you did your part, and that rogue squad member isn't.

-=Command Chat and Attacking/Defending=-
Thirdly, command chat is the best place to know what the ??? is going on. Things get 
hectic in Hell Let Loose quite often. Sometimes you might roll a team, or they might 
roll you. But its never too late to turn the tide. Unless of course theres 2 minutes 
left in a match. Usually, 1 squad will stay and defend the point closest to the enemy. 
Other squads will attack, or try and get garrisons up to flank or get a solid frontline 

If you are defending heres what you need to do as an SL. If you have a support or you 
have a squad member willing to go support, drop supplies and get a garrison up ASAP. 
If theres one already, get a garrison above and below the objective(will not always be 
North=Up and South=Down) that way if you lose that garrison on the point directly, you 
have ways to get the point back. ALSO, if you start getting overrun, make sure to tell 
command chat that you are, and you need help. Ask for a recon plane, or plead for more 
squads to come back and help defend. Also, make sure to put your Outpost or OP down. 
They have a shorter spawn time and you can place them without supplies.
If you are attacking heres what you need to do as an SL. Have your squad stick with 
you and chose a side to attack from. If youre attacking 'X' point then maybe communicate 
that you will be pushing south on it, and tell command chat that as well. If you'd like, 
get a support from your squad and a friendly squad and get a garrison up in enemy 
territory. Somewhere not far off the beaten path, but not 2 feet from the frontline. 
Somewhere in a location where you wont get shot, such as a trench or behind a building
with cover around it. Open fields and wide open areas are a no go for garrison 
placements. BTW, if the commander tells you theres a bombing run coming in, make sure 
to GTFO because that will mess the area up.

Fourthly, This goes along with my 2nd point, but if you dont have a mic as a SL, then 
make sure you are typing like a madman in the chat. SLing with a mic makes your life 
and everyone else's life a lot easier. I would dare even say that its a requirement, 
but it isn't if youre willing to type like a madman and you know your squad can read it.

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