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  Hints and Tips for: Hello, Goodbye 
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 Hello, Goodbye Cheats

Hello, Goodbye

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by chuee

A simple guide detailing how to get on each route in Hello, Goodbye.

Some important points before getting into the choices themselves.

* There are a total of four routes in Hello, Goodbye.
* These four heroines are Yukishiro May, Saotome Suguri, Rindou Natsume, 
  and Hiiragi Koharu.
* At the start of the game Koharuís route is locked. To unlock Koharuís 
  route, you must complete the other three heroinesí routes first.
* This game has very few choices, so you can easily get by without 
  using a walkthrough.
* There are three choices in total. The third choice only becomes available
  once Koharuís route is unlocked.
* There is no suggested order beyond the enforced order of Koharu being 
  last. Play whichever of the three routes you want first.

Yukishiro May
1. Pretend like I know her.
2. I want to get to know Morino.


Saotome Suguri
1. Be honest and answer her that I donít know her.


Rindou Natsume
1. Pretend like I know her.

2. I want to properly graduate from Tenshudo Academy.

Hiiragi Koharu

1. I remembered the girl who was calling me her brother*


Once Koharuís route is unlocked, this choice alone decides which route you go on. 
The other two will no longer appear.

To revisit Mayís route, choose "I remembered the girl I met at the flower field."

For Suguriís, choose "I remembered the girl who started crying to moment we met."

For Natsumeís, choose "I remembered the girl who transferred into my school."

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