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  Hints and Tips for: Heretic 
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 Heretic Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Little known trick: to get Heretic to run on a 386, start the game

The following cheat codes work everywhere except the 5th difficulty level.

Code              Effect
IDDQD           - Instant Death
IDKFA           - No Weapons/Ammo
COCKADOODLEDOO  - Turns yourself into a chicken
ENGAGExx        - Level Warp (episode/map)
GIMMExx         - Artifacts (a-j) (1-9) [d does not work]
A               - Ring
B               - Mask (Invisibility)
C               - Potion
E               - Tome of Power
F               - Torch
G               - Hour Glass (Time Bomb)
H               - Eggs (Turn People into Chickens)
I               - Golden Wings
J               - Chaos device (warp to start of level) 
KITTY           - Toggle Clipping
MASSARE         - Kills ALL monsters on level
PONCE           - Full Health
QUICKEN         - God Mode
RAMBO           - All Weapons/Ammo
RAVMAP          - Changes Map Mode [must be in map mode]
SHAZAM          - Toggles Weapon Power
SKEL            - All Skeleton Keys
TICKER          - FPS Display 

[Note: type -ravpic at startup and use F1 for screen shots]
Offsets in SAVEGAME files in hex (hex editing again?  Arrgh.)
 60 - Health -(0-200)
 64 - Armor  -(0-200)
 68 - Shield -Numbers= 01
 6C - Icon at Inventory loacation number #1 -Icons  - 01=Ring
 70 - Number of inventory item #1 - 02=Mask
 74 - Icon at Inventory loacation number #2   - 03=Potion
 78 - Number of inventory item #2 - 04=
 7C - Icon at Inventory loacation number #3  - 05=Book
 80 - Number of inventory item #3 - 06=Torch
 84 - Icon at Inventory loacation number #4 - 07=Hour Glass
 88 - Number of inventory item #4 - 08=Egg
 8C - Icon at Inventory loacation number #5 - 09=Golden Wings
 90 - Number of inventory item #5
 94 - Icon at Inventory loacation number #6 -Numbers= 01-63hex (1-99).
 98 - Number of inventory item #6
 9C - Icon at Inventory loacation number #7
 A0 - Number of inventory item #7
 A4 - Icon at Inventory loacation number #8
 A8 - Number of inventory item #8
 E4 - Number of Items in inventory -Numbers= 00-08
10C - Yellow Key                   -Numbers= 01=YES
110 - Green Key
114 - Blue Key
134 - Staff
138 - Wand
13C - Crossbow
140 - Dragon's Claw
150 - Gloves
158 - Wand Ammo                -Numbers= 0-03E7 (0-999)
15C - Crossbow Ammo
160 - Dragon's Claw Ammo
174 - Wand Max Ammo
178 - Crossbow Max Ammo
17C - Dragon's Claw Max Ammo
190 - God mode and clipping     -God=02, Clipping=01, Both=03
 EC - Ring Time  (Low Adress)   -1 minute = 0834hex
 ED - Ring Time  (High Address)
 F0 - Mask Time  (Low Adress)
 F1 - Mask Time  (High Address)
 F8 - Torch Time (Low Adress)
 F9 - Torch Time (High Address)
 FC - Book Time  (Low Adress)
 FD - Book Time  (High Address)
100 - Wing Time  (Low Adress)
101 - Wing Time  (High Adress)

Heretic Cheat codes:
Submitted by: jeansy

GIMME E 9                  magic book = double shot power
GIMME G 9                  hour glass = time bombs
RAMBO                      all weapons
GIMME A 9                  ring of invincibility
GIMME B 9                  shadow of invisibilty
GIMME C 9                  renewed health
GIMME H 9                  egg - turns your enemies into chickens
QUICKEN                    god mode (eyes on skulls light)
PONCE                      renewed health
SHAZAM                     double shot power
MASSACRE                   kills everything, everywhere on the level 
GIMME F 9                  torch
GIMME I 9                  gold skull with wings - you can fly
KITTY                      walk through walls; toggles
SKEL                       all keys
COCKADOODLEDOO             turns you into a chicken - great for small places
ENGAGExx                   warp (fails to work)
[Tab], RAVMAP              3 map mode
[ ]                        Shows grabbed items, tabs between them
[Enter], [Enter]           Selects, initiates item to right screen area
F1 once                    Information screen for registration
F1 twice                   Help screen with lots of info
F1 thrice                  Movement information
F1 four times              Id Software credits
(Orange lighted chain      Graphic representation of health
near skull)                farther to the right, more health
Blue arrow                 More grabbed items to left, right
                           choose with [ or ]
< >                        Move sideways left, right
[Home], [End]              Looks straight ahead
[Del]                      Looks down
[Page Dn]                  Looks up
[Insert]                   Fly down
[Page Up]                  Fly up

Grabbed items
A. Gold Ring of Invincibilty                 16 MAXIMUM   GIMME A
B. Green mask of Invisibilty                 16 MAXIMUM   GIMME B
C. Bottle of Healing                         16 MAXIMUM   GIMME C
E. Spellbook                                 16 MAXIMUM   GIMME E
F. Torchlight (2 minutes)                    16 MAXIMUM   GIMME F
G. Hour glass bomb (2 second fuse)           16 MAXIMUM   GIMME G
H. Eggs (Morph Ovum) Change enemy to chicken 16 MAXIMUM   GIMME H
I. Skull with Wings (Flight for 1 minute)    16 MAXIMUM   GIMME I

Health boost:
If you are at low health (1-10), there is an easy way to to boost your health by 
about 30. The lower the health, the better. Pull out the Phoenix Rod and walk next
to a wall. Blast the wall, and if you are at low enough health and did the trick 
correctly, your health will go up.

Secret Grave Yard level:
Go to the Cathedral (level 6) and flip the end switch. Do not complete the level.
Instead, go back up the green key stairs and turn right. Go down the hall until 
you see an opening in the wall that was not there before. Enter it, kill the 
enemies, flip the switch to open another door down there. Go on the right "end"
teleport to complete the level and travel to the Grave Yard.

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