Hidden & Dangerous - Devil's Brigde Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hidden & Dangerous - Devil's Brigde 
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 Hidden & Dangerous - Devil's Brigde Cheats

Hidden & Dangerous - Devil's Brigde

Update by: Ori Ashkenazi

These codes also work for the expansion pack: 
At any menu, type iamcheater or iwillcheat. 
You may need to enter it twice. You'll hear a 
sound to confirm. Now enter the following at 
any menu or during play: 

Result                                Code 
All items                           - allitems  
All weapons and ammunition          - allloot  
Alternate uniforms, including
dressing as Lara Croft              - laracroft 
Big head mode                       - funnyhead  
Current mission ends in failure     - gamefail  
Current mission ends successfully   - gamedone   
Enemy view from the back            - enemyb  
Enemy view from the front           - enemyf  
Kill all opponents                  - killthemall  
Load saved game                     - quickload  
Open all doors                      - openalldoor  
Restore health                      - goodhealth  
Revive fallen companion, except 
after drowning                      -  resurrect 
Restore censored version to full    - bluestars  
Show coordinates in top left corner - playercoords  
Toggle invincibility                - cantdie or nohits  
View ending sequence                - showtheend  
Wire frame mode                     - debugdrawwire   

The auto-setup feature is stingy with ammo and backup 
weapons. Be sure to bring extra ammo and a sidearm for 
each of your soldiers. 

Don't save the game until you're sure you've cleared an 
area; you can make life difficult by saving right when 
you're coming under fire. 

Snipers aren't as important as they were in the original 
game. You want at least one sniper on each team, but a 
lot of Devil's Bridge consists of close-assault firefights. 

Submitted by: rickHH

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