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  Hints and Tips for: Hide Or Die 
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 Hide Or Die Cheats

Hide Or Die

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Extractor Timers Up:
Written by Sythalin

Sick of 1 min or less extractors? 
Well here's how you get those extractor timers up!

-=Guide to 3+ Minute Extractors=-
So, you keep seeing survivors walking out with 600+ personal DP earned almost every 
game? Extractors seem to keep having 3+ minutes on them? Well, its actually very 
easy to do, and here's how.

-=The Loadout=-
Perk: Lucky Looter
Augment: Sticky Hands

-=Short Explanation=-
Activate an extractor, but do NOT add gas cans to to it immediately. Instead, 
pile them up next to the extractor. Repeat this 2-3 times (avoiding hunter as 
necessary), then turn in all the gas cans you've stockpiled for one huge time 

-=Full Explanation=-
By default, an activated extractor spawns 4 gas cans for a 20 second extension 
each (80 sec total). Each time Lucky Looter procs, that's an additional 20 seconds. 
In theory, if the perk procs on every gas can, that's 160 seconds (over 2.5 minutes) 
added to an extractor. But why stop there?

Gas cans that have been touched by a survivor prior to an extractor deactivation DO 
NOT DESPAWN. Thanks to Sticky Hands picking up gas cans is instantaneous and Lucky 
Looter gives you a 20% chance to pick up 2 gas cans when you pick up a single one, 
meaning you can pile up the gas cans very quickly if Lucky Looter procs often.

If you are running solo, I wouldn't recommend stockpiling more than 3 times if the 
hunter hasn't been bothering you for a bit. At minimum, if you grabbed every gas can 
every activation with zero Lucky Looter procs, that's still 4 MINUTES added to the 
extractor time. What to do with that time? Yeah, you could stand around in the area 
the entire time, OR....

-=Accelerate DP Earning=-
When you are in an active extractor field, you will earn 2 DP/sec while you remain 
in the field. However, if you are the one who activated the extractor and leave the 
area, you will still gain 1 DP/sec until its time runs out. That means if you start 
an extractor and move to another activated extractor, you are now earning 3 DP/sec. 
If all 3 survivors are doing this by collecting, activating, and rotating, that 
means the DP total is going up 9 DP/sec. In theory, if the hunter did nothing all 
game, the 1250 DP could be collected in around 8 minutes.

-=Hunter Extractor Damage=-
When a hunter damages an active extractor, its timer is reduced by 15%. Here's the 
numbers to put that into perspective:

-=Extractor Time - Time Reduction=-
1 minute (60 sec) - 9 sec.
5 minutes (90 sec) - 13.5 sec.
2 minutes (120 sec) - 18 sec.
3 minutes (180 sec) - 27 sec.
4 minutes (240 sec) - 36 sec.
5 minutes (300 sec) - 45 sec.

So what do these numbers mean? A hunter attack has roughly a 2 sec CD between swings. 
So taking a 3 minute timer:

The hunter would need to waste ~12-15 seconds to reduce a 3 minute extractor to a 1 
minute extractor. And what are you doing while he's doing this? Between that and 
cross map travel, that's almost enough time to do 2 activations + gas farming at 
the other 2 extractors. But since the hunter can only go to one of them, if you can 
figure out where he's going next, one of those extractors can get an extra gas farm, 
and the cycle keeps going.

During all this time, you are cranking up the DP total for the game, and there is 
little that a hunter can do about. Since people passively earn DP on extractors they 
activate whether or not they're standing by them, the counter should theoretically 
never stop the entire game, even with a death here and there.

In my experience, almost every single hunter who has patrolled an extractor with 2+ 
minutes on it doesn't bother damaging it simply because it takes too much time. I've 
personally been able to crank up an extractor over 6 minutes with this, and needless 
to say I topped out the game with 700+ personal DP earned by the time the match was 

So there you have it. That is how you can crank up those extractor timers, basically 
giving you a "free" win passively - all you have to do is avoid the hunter when they 
patrol. Obviously, this won't happen every game. It all depends on the combination 
of hunter/survivor skill and the map being played.

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