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  Hints and Tips for: Hitman 3 
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 Hitman 3 Cheats

Hitman 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Skip the Launcher (Auto Launch):
Follow these steps: 

* Go to “Settings” in the Epic Games launcher.
* Scroll down to “Manage Games”.
* Expand Hitman 3.
* Check “Additional Command Line Arguments”.
* In the box add -skip_launcher

Door And Safe Codes:
The following are all the codes for the safes and doors divided into 
regions of the game:

-=Dubai Codes=-
4706 (Door, Staff Area)

This is the code to the Staff Area on floor 00. You can see it on a whiteboard 
in the meeting room on the same floor.

6927 (Safe, Security Room Floor 03)
This is the code for the safe on floor level 03. The safe has the evacuation 

To Be Updated (Safe, Penthouse Guest Bedroom)
This code is for the safe in the guest bedroom in the penthouse on floor level 05.

-=Dartmoor Codes=-
1975 (Safe, Case File)
This is the code for the safe that has the case file inside.
-=Chongqing Codes=-
0118 (Door, Container)
This is the code for the ICA Facility entrance door. You can learn the code if you 
overhear people in front of the container talking about it. One of them is going to 
enter the code and say it aloud.

0118 (Door, ICA Apartment)
The apartment has the P41 form on level 02. You can get the code by climbing the 
same apartment and listening to the answering machine from the roof.

0118 (Door, Laundromat)
This is the code for the Laundromat on floor level 01. This leads to the roof for 
the all-seeing eye story.

2552 (Door, Benchmark Lab)
This code is for the staircase in the Benchmark Lab on floor level 04. You can find 
the code from the whiteboard on the top floor of the same building. 
This will be the fifth floor.

2552 (Door, Hush’s Private Lab)
This code is for the Therapy Room. You can find the code on the whiteboard on the 
same floor. It is behind the wall where Royce stands near a patient in the chair.

2552 (Door, Arcade)
This is for the arcade door on floor level 00.

-=Mendoza Codes=-
1945 (Laser System)
This code will shut down the laser system. The code is the same as the year the 
wine was made. A guard that is talking to Sommelier mentions that the code is the 
last year of world war 2.

2006 (Safe, Villa Basement)
This is the safe code for the Villa Basement. It has important intel inside and 
will help you complete a challenge. You can find the code by listening in on two 
guards outside the Yateses Villa by the cliff.

Carpathian Mountains Codes
1979 (Door)
The code for the door at the start of the mission. You will find it on the poster 
on the left side of the door.

All Keypad Codes List Guide
For HITMAN 3 players, this guide will provide all codes for doors and safes list 
in game, let’s check them out below.

-=Dubai Codes=-
4706 – Door – Staff Area
4706 – Door – Atrium
6927 – Safe – Security Room 2nd Floor
6927 – Safe – Security Room 3rd Floor
7465 – Safe – Penthouse Guest Bedroom

-=Dartmoor Codes=-
1975 – Safe – Case File – Alexa Carlisle’s Office

-=Berlin Codes=-
1989 – Safe – Hirschmuller’s Office

-=Chongqing Codes=-
0118 – Door – Container
0118 – Door – ICA Apartment
0118 – Door – Laundromat
2552 – Door – Benchmark Lab
2552 – Door – Hush’s Private Lab
2552 – Door – Arcade
2552 – Secret Hatch

-=Mendoza Codes=-
1945 – Laser System
2006 – Safe – Villa Basement

-=Carpathian Mountains Codes=-
1979 – Door 

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