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  Hints and Tips for: Home Behind 
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 Home Behind Cheats

Home Behind

Submitted by: David K.

General Tips and Info:
Written by Theophania
Just a quick guide Iím throwing together of things Iíve been learning along 
the way as I play.

* Starting tips
* Looting tips

Dry grass, herbs, and rags have a weight value of ZERO so you can pick them up 
and keep them in your inventory for later use. This is nice because you can pick 
up as much as you want and just have it in your inventory to craft with later.
In the desert: you can click repeatedly on passing tumbleweeds and they will 
occasionally give you items. Iíve only ever gotten grass and bugs so far, but 
grass is super important for crafting so Iíll gladly take it.
Armor and weapons contribute to your weight so be wary of that when crafting 
them For tools in the first area I recommend you build the cookware, torch, 
cart, workshop in that order.

* Cookware helps immensely because you can cook the meat you pick up and make 
  jerky so that you have a preservative food that wonít rot in your inventory 
  or decrease your mood.
* Torch is important to at least get to level 3 at some point to negate night 
  time mood decreasers.
* Cart is important for more space and a little speed boost. Space is hard to 
  come by in the game when youíre trying to have enough materials to craft higher 
  up items
* Workshop is important because it allows you to make better armor and weapons.
* Always pick up shards, postcards, papers, and recipes (see picture section 
  for what they look like)
* I find it best to just disassemble toys to get the materials they have. 
  Giving them to the children isnít worth it in my opinion.

-=Crafting and upgrade suggestions=-
* If glue is hard to come by, stock up on rice because it doesnít rot. When you 
  get to a water source that is clean and free to refill as much as you want 
  (and hopefully by this point you will have at least 5 water jugs) then.
* Crafting glue requires level 3 workshop and level 2 cookware
* Cook the rice (1 uncooked rice x 1 clean water)
* Make glue (1 cooked rice x 1 clean water)
* Refill your water jugs as necessary.

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