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  Hints and Tips for: Home Behind 2 
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 Home Behind 2 Cheats

Home Behind 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide:
Written by Combat Hunter

Easy way get higher.

-=Is Money Important?=-
No it is not. You will get a ton of that stuff along the way what is 
important is supply's that stuff is rare as hell in most places so buy
it whenever you can.

-=Want Supplies?=-
* Easy attack places that have farms and upgrade them if possible.
* You rescue a farmer take the long term plan in getting food well if you 
  need it right away take the short term but its not worth it.
* Buy them dont worry about money buy it from farmers, buy it from caravans 
  (not worth it really it really damn expensive only do it when necessary) do 
  hunting mini quests from hunters when exploring many amazing ways there are 
  to do it.

-=What About Fuel?=-
You get ton of that stuff along the way its like you are a movable gas station.

How to make them good?

I did was make my boy hermous a bandito. He a damn good tank and that boy Chris. 
Well he went commando the spec. I put in hermous was pretty much was fittnes and 
strength also some bits into agility so his aim is better by bit I meant so its 
not negative but at most +1 or 2.

For Chris well agility and strength then some times add into fitness so he is a 
bit tanky as for banana well she is my sniper.

She only goes into crits and crits rates as for ponts. I put them in only strength 
and agility we want those one shot dont we.

Now you might be asking what about the other stats well there are 2 things you 
could do for intelligence either put it on. Chris on the start but I personally 
think its a waste or try to find a bio soldier or mechanic class 4 party member 
and feed them with does intelligence states then well they will be smart as hell 
allowing you to open most thing 100% as for the other states i forgot about 
them not even useing them.

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