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  Hints and Tips for: Home Sweet Home 
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 Home Sweet Home Cheats

Home Sweet Home

Cheat Codes:
Go into your c:\program files\home sweet home\resourceFiles\ 
directory, and find the file gamedata.xml

- Look for the word “=== WORKER DATA ===” by using edit > find. 
- There are three sections for the workers, under “Goran”, “Fat Guy”, 
  and “Chick” - yes, I find that just slightly demoralizing. A “chick” 
  goes around -hammering nails in as fast as the other ones.
- Change the Stamina to “999.9? 
- Change the build speed to “0.50? 
- Change the walk speed to “2.5? 
- Change the stamina drop to “0? 
- Do this for all three workers. 

Once you’re done that, let’s tackle the global difficulty. It should 
be RIGHT ABOVE the worker data.

- Look for the phrase “” 
  (Just use “edit > find” it’s easier that way) 
- Change value= to 0.  
- Do this for per_furn_injury_inc, stamina_decrease_rate_inc, furniture_decay_inc, 
  item_request_time_inc, as well as worker_injury_percent_inc. 
- Save the file. 

Load up the game, and you should have workers that:

- Don’t get tired 
- Don’t ask for things 
- Don’t get injured 
- Builds like absolute maniacs 
- Walks faster 
- Whose work “deteriorate” VERY slowly over time. 

You can go ahead and fool around with the rest of the settings.

Tips and Tricks:
This tip is really cool, if the clients wish is fulfilled but u have to still 
buy some extra things to complete the task bring a dining table and place as 
many candles you need to full fill the task if u do that u can save time and 
have no difficulty at all while building make sure that while ur building this 
dining table with candles let all the 3 workers together do it so that if 
someone great hurt other can still be working as well as it saves time and 
build this after u done all other items coz this needs all the 3 workers i 
hope u all understood its kinda complicated but this will really help u and 
u will have no difficulty during last levels.
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