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  Hints and Tips for: Horizon's Gate 
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 Horizon's Gate Cheats

Horizon's Gate

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Crafting Guide (Weapons, Armor, Accessories):
Written by Wrax

This is a guide for the crafting system in Horizon’s Gate. This is not a comprehensive
list and is likely incomplete, but I’ll try to keep it updated. This guide is meant 
to cover consumable items as well as general weapons and armor recipes.

These recipes produce consumable items and crafting materials. 
Shears are not consumed when used for these recipes.

Shears + Ald Leaf = Bandage
Bandage + Wood Plank = Splint
Oil Can + Bottle = Bottle of Oil
Oil Can + Ald Leaf = Oily Rag
Bottle of Oil + Oily Rag = Fire Bomb
Red Spices + Dart = Itchy Dart
Ald Leaf Shirt + Shears = Ald Leaf
Spidesilk Shirt + Shears = Spidesilk
Accessories Crafting
Hood + Cloak = Hooded Cloak
Fine Hood + Fine Cloak = Fine Hooded Cloak

-=Armor Crafting=-
For the purpose of comparison, stats for armor are included. PDef and MDef are Physical 
Defense and Magic Defense respectively; PEvd and MEvd are Physical Evade and Magic Evade 

Armor Crafting Kit + Ald Leaf = Ald Leaf Shirt
Armor Crafting Kit + Spidesilk = Spidesilk Shirt
Armor Crafting Kit + Rock Coral = Coral Armor (PDef +2, PEvd -4)
Armor Crafting Kit + Volskarn = Volskarn Mail (PDef +1, MDef +1, 2 Augment slots)
Armor Crafting Kit + Mithril Ore = Mithril Mail (PDef +1, MDef +1)
Armor Crafting Kit + Shock Parts = Electric Armor (PDef +2, Lightning +1, PEvd -5)
Armor Crafting Kit + Whistle Stone = Wind Mail (PDef +2, MDef +1, PEvd +8)
Armor Crafting Kit + Chunk of Laser = Reactor Plate (PDef +2, MDef +3, PEvd -3)
Armor Crafting Kit + Ironice = Ironice Plate (PDef +4, MDef +2, PEvd -10)

-=Weapons Crafting=-
For the sake of simplicity, the weapon recipes are all consolidated with descriptors about 
what makes them special. Iron weapons are considered ‘base’, the pluses indicate how much 
more powerful the weapons of other materials are in comparison. For example, an iron sword 
has 5 attack power (base) so a mithril sword has 7 attack power (base +2).

Whip Crafting Kit + Spidesilk = Silk Whip (Base +1)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Iron Ore = Iron weapon (Base)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Steel Ingot = Steel weapon (Base +1)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Rock Coral = Coral weapon (Water damage, Wet, Base +1)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Spidest Fang = Fang Weapon (Poison, Base +1)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Volskarn = Volskarn Weapon (2 Augment slots, Base)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Mithril Ore = Mithril weapon (Base +2)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Shock Parts = Electric weapon (Lightning damage, Stun, Base +2)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Chunk of Laser = Laser weapon (Fire damage, Base +3)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Whistle Stone = Wind weapon (Wind damage, Base +3)
Weapon Crafting Kit + Ironice = Ice weapon (Ice damage, Base +4)

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