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  Hints and Tips for: Horsez 
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 Horsez Cheats


Getting Ginger's birthday present: 
Get the chess piece on the chess board. Then, go outside through the 
steps by the library and go by the riding arena. Then there should be 
a little bridge next to the gate that you enter when you first start 
the game. There should be a small house on the left side. Go to the 
door and enter it. There should be a television inside. Next to the 
television is the key to the library. Go back inside the library. 
Patrick will be inside. He will give you the key to the attic. 
Go back by the chess board. Next to it on the counter should be a 
phone number. Pick it up and go into your room by the attic. 
Then, go your phone next to the door and dial the number. 
Go back out and go up into the attic. Go all the way to the back to 
find the present. Go back out and return the party.
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