Hot Wheels Velocity X Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Hot Wheels Velocity X 
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 Hot Wheels Velocity X Cheats

Hot Wheels Velocity X

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

All cars:
Collect 11 Bonus Stunt items while completing Challenge 8.

All worlds:
Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18. The yellow key is in the 
Mines, across a trestle at the end of a tunnel.

All gadgets:
Intentionally hit 25 Barrels while completing Challenge 7.

Unlocking all cars:
Submitted by: arpit singh
for more logic, contact:- 

After you have hit 11 bonous points,a message should appear saying that "all cars 
unlocked", but you will find cars are still locked. So, save your game, go to the 
main menu, go to options and cheat, now a cheat "all cars unloked" must be 
highlighted turn off to on. Save your game. Actually this is a hint for those like
my younger brother, who fail to use cheats , although they activate them.

Select Jet Boosters and Hyper Mite and then go to Turbine Sands in joy ride mode. 
Then find the freestyle course, go off the metal ramp while jet boosting, and then
use jet boosters while in the air and you will be flying!!

Easiest way to beat the last mission:
If you have unlocked it, use the Surfin' School Bus with the Energy Shield gadget. 
When you start, you have to go through a mine field. Keep using your energy shield.
When you meet Rupert, you must disable him. Use your Energy Shield until you get a
gadget that you can attack with. Disable Rupert and his henchmen if they get in 
your way. Then, you have to go destroy the computer with the special gun. Find 
the special gun and destroy the computer. Otto will appear and drive off. You 
must chase him. There will be more mines, so use your energy shield again. When
you catch him, disable him with your special gun because it will take him out 
with two or three hits.

Unlimited horse power and perfect handling:
Beat the first ten races with a rank of third or higher. Once finished with this
task you will need to start a new game and once u have completed the first five 
races new game. this time come in last each time ten times and reset the 
Playstation and when you look in your garage u will have a Shelby gt-350 that 
can go 300 and hit a turn no problem at top speed. 

Stunt Arena at Turbine Sands:
Complete mission #3 in adventure mode. Go to main menu. 1 player. Joyride. My 
favorite car is Jaded. Turbine Sands. Any weapon u want. when u start turn right.
go straight until you see an entrance. BAM! that's the stunt arena.

Laser upgrade:
Note: You must get an "A+" rank when doing the following. Complete all challenges,
then unlock the "Timer Speed" cheat. Set it to 10% speed. Change the difficulty 
level to very hard then complete Challenge 18. Get the "A+" rank to unlock the 
"Laser Upgrade" cheat.

Gadgets for completing challenges:
Challenge 1: Laser Cannon 
Challenge 3: Sonic Boom 
Challenge 4: Atom Blaster 
Challenge 7: Freon Bomb 
Challenge 9: Energy Shield 
Challenge 10: Jet Booster 
Challenge 13: Super Zapper 
Challenge 15: Magnet Mine 
Challenge 16: Doom Disks

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