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  Hints and Tips for: House Flipper 
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 House Flipper Cheats

House Flipper

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite Money:
You can fill up your paint roller with any paint then switch to another color 
without using up anymore paint. This way you can use up your “old paint” before
using the “new paint” when painting another room with a different color.

You can also use most of the paint then sell it for a little less than 
you paid for it.

Maximum Perks / Level Up:
Written by Bauer-horst

If you want to get maximum perks and level up your abilities, then this 
guide shows you, how to do that!

-=Locating the file=-
You have to open the file "PlayerProgress.dat" with a texteditor in the 
following folder:

C:\Users\*Your Name*\AppData\LocalLow\Empyrean\House Flipper Game\Saves\

Editing the Value

There you jump to the section called "skills" and type in the number "9" 
in the string called "numberOfPerksAvailable".

Here is an example how it has to look for the perks of cleaning:

"skills": {
"cleaning": {
"eyeOfTheMotherInLaw": 0,
"fastHands": 0,
"longDistance": 0,
"numberOfPerksAvailable": 9,
"isCertificated": false

Now save and back in the game you have 9 ability points in the category 
Cleaning. Repeat the step and type in the number 9 for all other categories 
like demolition, painting, building, design, negotiation and handyman!

-=Another Method=-
Or you can edit the number behind the single abilities to 3, because 3 is 
the highest single level you can reach, then it would look like this:

"skills": {
"cleaning": {
"eyeOfTheMotherInLaw": 3,
"fastHands": 3,
"longDistance": 3,
"numberOfPerksAvailable": 0,
"isCertificated": false

In this example all abilities in category Cleaning are at maximum level and 
you have none perks available. But I prefer cheating you 9 points and then 
you can choose yourself, for what you want to spend it.

-=Don't Forget=-
But don't forget, you have to edit it for all categories you want; like cleaning, 
demolition, painting, building, design, negotiation and handyman; I only showed 
you the example for cleaning. Editing files is on your own risk, so please create
a copy of your files before you edit something!

Note: Ah and... by the way... search for the string "money" in this file and 
guess what to do with it!

Japanese Garden Guide:
Written by Ornabear

-=General Tips=-
You must mow 100% of the yard and remove all weeds! I know some of those 
exotic European weeds are pretty, but sadly they must all come out. Leaving 
some existing trees should be okay for the Japanese garden.
As others have pointed out, the game appears to split yards into eight 
segments: Front right corner, Front center, Front left corner, Right side, 
Left side, Back right corner, Back center, and Back left co

Cloud issue to save your game fix:
Written by whattowritehere3
After I had lost all my progress some time ago and had to start from scratch 
all over again, I was trying for many weeks to find the save folder. And now, 
I finally found it at long last. So since you all had the same issue and lost 
all your progress, I now want to share with you what you must do to avoid it 
in the future.
Note: this won’t bring you back your lost saves, it just avoids that it
happens again.
1.First create a folder somewhere separately (on an external hard disk, on 
an USB-stick or on your computer in the files folder. This new folder, you 
can call like “Steam – All savegames” or something like that. Double-click 
to open it and create another folder called House Flipper.
2.Then go to C:/User/your name/AppData/LocalLow/Empyrean/House Flipper Game. 
Inside this last folder, there is everything from your game, including the 
last savegame. Copy just this House Flipper Game-folder into your just newly 
created separate folder (into the one just called House Flipper). 
Now you have your latest savegame saved separately.

3.From now on, every time you finish playing the game, go to this House Flipper 
Game-folder on harddrive C as described under 2). Copy the House Flipper Game-
folder and paste it into your newly created separate folder (first delete the 
House Flipper Game-folder there and then paste the newest one into the folder 
House Flipper, the one you created under 1) ).

That’s it. It’s very important that you disable the cloud (at least as long as 
it is broken), so remove the tick of the Cloud in the Properties settings, you 
don’t need the Cloud anymore anyway because your game will always save whatever 
you did in the game and you can always save the particular folder. ?? To remove 
the tick, right-click on the game cover in your library or on the game’s name 
in the list on the left hand side and then remove the tick for the Cloud.
I had the latest savegame on my desktop PC and I tried it the described way 
by sending it to my laptop (where the game was in the very beginning where the 
rubbish is outside your office). It worked perfectly, I also completed a job 
from the office laptop, it was saved as it should and then I sent it for 
another check to my computer and it was exactly like I had left the game on 
the laptop. ??
So now you can do it the same way and will always be able to save your game 
and no longer lose any progress. Just don’t forget to save it separately every 
time after finishing playing. And when you maybe buy a new computer some time 
later, you can then send the latest savegame of House Flipper Game-folder into 
the House Flipper-folder there that you created under 1) so that you can continue 
playing where you had stopped last time.

Console Commands:
Written by Grinchy Draguun

This guide will list all the commands and keys I can find. Make sure you look at 
the first section before trying anything else from this guide. I will try to 
explain the commands i know as well as possible.

First, go into your save game. Pause your game and press the tilde key ((“`”) 
and (~”)). If you been wondering what this thing does, you came to the right 
place. Enter the code “iddqd” and exit out of the pause screen. You should get
a little notification saying something about developer hotkeys. This guide will 
tell you about those keys. Also you can re-enter that code to disable it. 

Alright, for the peeps who don’t get what I said, here is step-by-step how to do it.

* Launch the Game.
* Load your save (or start a new game).
* Press the ESC key when in-game to open the pause menu.
* Press the Tilde Key (~)
* Enter the code “iddqd”. 
  (Note: The code will not be visible when you type it.)
* Exit out of the code pop-up and pause menus by pressing ESC until 
  you are back in the game.
* Press Tilde Key while playing the game to open the actual console.
* Type your commands into the console. 
  (You can also just press the keys to type it while playing.)
* Press ESC to close the console.

* To open the console, press tilde in-game (Do this while using your tablet so 
  you can click the text box at the bottom of the screen.) 
  Most text-based commands need this.
* Adds some special cheat keys.
* Most commands can just be typed in game without the console, might cause your 
  player to do things, but it’s a shortcut. You can also put these commands into 
  the console.
* I’d assume activating the console disable achievements, however one time I got 
  them at some random point, as well as players saying the got them as well, so 
  if it completely disables them, I can’t say for sure.

Most these keys have been documented

F3: Give you all the tools even if you can’t use them in a mission. Note that for some 
or most map missions, they might get disabled again after some time, just press the 
button again, as it is not a toggle, so no matter how many times you press it, the 
effect will remain.

F5: Adds some money.

F8: Makes most tools work way too well, does not seem to work for mowers, window 
cleaner, and vacuum.

F9: According to documentation, it’s supposed to make you complete the mission, 
it might not look like anything happened, but if you press ENTER, it will say you 
fully completed it.

(,): Changes Language left.

(.): Changes Language right.

Left Alt + Y: Enables no-clip, but only lets you move if you use the camera feature 
on your tablet. If you leave the camera, your player will be frozen where you went 
with the camera. Use again to disable, but this glitches your player.

Left Alt + Z: Turns on something called “time scale”. I need info on this.

Left Alt + J: Undocumented.

? (Slash): Tells you what buyers want and what they think of your house, even if 
you have your office there.

-=Known Commands=-
help: List all the commands you can enter on the console. You can also put a 
command after “help” and it will tell you what that command does. Does not work 
for most unknown commands, so is pretty much useless to me.

shotgun: Replaces your hammer with a shotgun, which has much more range and knocks 
down the whole wall. I heard that you get the shotgun during April Fool’s event.

cut: Cuts and replaces all the grass on the lawn, but also covers surfaces and low-
laying items with grass. You can fix this by moving the item or surface. Note that 
this does not automatically complete Turf repair tasks. It just covers the area and 
making it harder to see where to lay the turf, so complete any turf goals before 
using this command.

hello: Prints “Is it me you looking for?”.

skillu: Give you all 9 perk points for each skill. Only works in the first save 
you enable commands.

lumos: Turns on all lights.

nox: Turns off all lights.

echo: Prints “echo”.

noclip: Enables noclip like I said earlier.

hideversion: Hides the extra debug text on the lower left corner.

addMoneyToBankAccount: It’s like the money key.

confluence: Takes to to the confluence website with a (minimal) support guide 
for the game. The problem is that it takes you to a restricted page.

quicksun: Makes day and night go WAY TOO FAST.

slowsun: I think this is in-game time toggle. (Can change in options)

realsun: Toggles real-time sun. (Can change in options)

stopsun: Makes it day all the time. (Can change in options)

reset: I think this was supposed to reset you in front of the gate, 
but from what I tried, It just messes with the camera.

highlights: Toggles highlights when hovering over an object.

maps: Unlocks Map Missions (HGTV and Luxury)

creative: Unlock all parts of creative missions.

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